Posted by: Deanna | June 17, 2008

Mary’s Award Night!

Since the mishap at the school last Wednesday, all the end of the year activities had to be postponed. The school has a wonderful communication network, though, and we were all made aware of the plans for the Honors Award Night.

Last night we headed to the other elementary school nearby to celebrate the acheivements of the kidss. They were having a light dinner around six, but we chose not to go to that, since the 4th grade wasn’t scheduled to have their awards until around 7:30. We could have gone a bit later than we did. When we got there they were still doing first grade.

The cafeteria was full. The front, where the stage sat, had a table laden with trophies and awards. Next to that the podium where each teacher would announce the award and read the names of the deserving student. The seats on the floor were divided into sections, parents on the left, students on the right. The kids were seated in groups according to their class with their teachers watching over them, standing at the the ends of the rows.

It didn’t take long, though, for me to realize why kids have so much trouble sitting still and paying attention in class. Of course, I knew the reason already, but to have such a visual…

The ‘adults’ in the room, not all, mind you, but enough to be a majority, were talking loudly, laughing and carrying on, not paying a wits attention to the activity on the stage. Younger kids were running about with no supervision. No one was at least trying to keep them contained. No one applauded the kids acheivments as they stood on stage proudly holding their certificates and grinning widely at their family member who was snapping a picture or two.

Just chatter. Rude chatter.

It was quite a while later when Mary’s teacher took the stage and began giving out the awards. Mary and her classmates stood off to the side of the stage waiting their turn to be called. The vice principal and the school counselor were on stage ready to hand the awards to the children as they came up to receive them.

I sat, camera poised, to applaud Mary as she came on stage. She was the only one in her class to receive the Principal’s Honor Roll award. She was so proud! As she should be, of course. We are, too.

She received some other rewards, also, but in her Mary-like manner she held her excitement within until we were on the way home. That’s when it was loosed and she bubbled over with joy and chatter….and chatter…and chatter.

(Well, I’m having trouble getting pictures on here, so I’ll try later!)



  1. Mary,

    That is so AWESOME!!!!!!

    I am very PROUD of you too!!!!!


    Aunt Sherri

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