Posted by: Deanna | June 19, 2008

A Day at Tybee Island

Tuesday, Mary and I drove out to Tybee Island to spend the day at the beach. I’d promised we would go on Monday, but Bill ended up having to take the car to work and I wasn’t awake enough to drive him. Mary was  a bit disappointed about not going on Monday, but we made plans for the evening to go out in search of some sand chairs to take with us. We found some at Target, thank you, WalMart has already started putting away summer stuff, it seems, there were no sand chairs to be found there.

So Tuesday morning we grabbed some water, a snack or two, the sand chairs and shiny new beach bucket, the sun block and towels and headed out the door. Oh, couldn’t forget the camera! Check.

It wasn’t long before we were pulling into a parking spot and feeding quarters into the parking meter. We hauled our things down to the beach and found a spot. The beach wasn’t too crowded. Mary thought it was, but she’s never seen crowded, like Huntington Beach in California.

We plopped our chairs down, price tags still hanging proudly from them, in the sand and started working on putting up our umbrella. Of course, I’ve never put an umbrella up in the sand, but didn’t think it would be difficult. They were all over the place! It had to be easy!

Yeah. Right.

It was comical, to say the least.

Here I am, in my swimsuit, not the most appealing thing to be seen on the beach, but Hey, there’s a ton of older, round women on the beach, so I don’t feel alone. Besides, with any luck, I’ll never see these people again and if I do, I’ll deny everything.

The umbrella decided it didn’t like the sand. It kept falling over and I didn’t have enough uumph to get it stuck down deep enough. Mary started digging a hole for it and we sunk it in there and buried it as best we could, but it didn’t stay upright for long. Oh well. We’re here for the water, right?

We slathered on sun block, completely forgetting to put some on MY back. I talked about it, but was so intent on getting it on Mary, I forgot, didn’t remember until much later when I started feeling the sizzle. Oops. Ouch. Ding bat.

We had so much fun in the water! It wasn’t cold. It wasn’t full of seaweed, as I remember California beaches to be, and we could walk out quite a way into the water with sand under our feet and it not be too deep. I kept Mary close. I’m not  a great swimmer, but would do what it would take if something were to happen. But we were good. She bounced and played, stayed close. We floated, so easy in salt water! Some kids showed Mary some sand dollars they had dived for and brought up to look at.

Back at our spot, I sat for a while watching the families with little ones there to enjoy the day. Little kids are just too cute! I was glad to just be watching them, though. One mom sat patiently under her umbrella (how did she get that to stay standing up?) with her tiny girl who was intent on shoveling a handful of sand into her mouth. I don’t think she succeeded, but it sure kept mom busy!

By the position of the sun in the sky, I knew it was after noon, so I warned Mary that we would have to be on our way pretty soon so as not to get a ticket up in the parking lot. She didn’t want to leave, of course, and we hung out as long as we could. I wanted her to get as much out of this day as she could. We soon picked up all our things out of the sand and hauled them back to the truck, checked the time and then strolled over to the pavillion on the pier.

What a nice, shady spot to have to get out of the sun and enjoy a drink or an ice cream cone! We did, too. I had Tin Roof, Mary had Cookie Dough. Yum. Expensive. But good.

Mary was pretty bummed about having to leave, so I told her we should go check out the other side of the island and the other public beach. Maybe we could hang out there a bit before we headed home. She liked this idea a lot!

The other beach is over by the Lighthouse. It was a longer walk down to the beach, more dunes to have to walk over, but it was not as crowded as the other beach. The sand was HOT! Ouch! We hurried over the dunes and finally made it down to the water, where Mary flipped off her shoes and waded in immediately. I stayed at the edge, keeping a watchful eye and snapped a couple of pictures.

The sand there is full of shells, whole and broken. It was a bit crunchy under the feet and not quite as nice to stand in, but Mary had fun bringing up handfuls of wet sand, sifting it through her fingers and finding little treasures.

I stood there watching Mary, feeling my back sizzle like bacon in a pan, as long as I could, then told her it was time to go. We made our way back to the truck once again, Mary stopping and scooping up shells in the sand along the way, not wanting to miss a thing!

We got home just before Bill did from work. I called him to let him know that we’d need him to make an emergency run to the store for some sunburn fix. As I was driving home, I knew we were going to be in for a couple of painful days and nights with our lobster-like skin. Mary and I have been rather miserable for the last day or so, but we sure had fun in the water! Next time we’ll be sure to put on several coats of sun block long before we head out into that beach sun!




  1. Sounds like you two had a fun filled day in the Sun!!
    Your photo of the lighthouse is beautiful.

    BTW~ On your WW photo, we have a orange tabby that looks exactly like your daughters. Cute

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