Posted by: Deanna | June 21, 2008

Saturday in Savannah

Not a whole lot going on around here. Bill’s in the kitchen fixing breakfast. The smell of the bacon has reached Mary’s nose and she just came out of the bedroom carrying her favorite soft, pink princess blanket. Any minute now the television channel will change from the old movie I’m half watching to the sound of Sponge Bob or some other animated thing.

My sunburn is driving me insane! Yesterday it hurt so bad I couldn’t put on a bra. I tried a couple different ones hoping that one would be less painful than another, but it wasn’t. I stood in the closet and cried for five minutes after tearing off the last as gently as I could. We had errands to run and I was mortified at the thought of having to go out without a bra on. I slipped a tank top over the old soft tank I was wearing and figured that would have to do.

When we last saw Dayna in Orlando before they left for California (sob sob…sorry) we had taken our vacuum with us so we could help her clean good before they left. The thought had not occurred to me that it would be impossible to vacuum the floor good with piles of boxes all around. So instead of doing what came to mind first, moving the boxes from place to place around the apartment to get the whole carpeted area, I left her my vacuum so she could do it after they loaded everything into the truck. Brilliant! (And I didn’t have to move boxes.) She’s been the recipient of two of our older vacuums since she’s been on her own, but neither picked up really well. She needed a better one, anyway.

So that left me with needing a vacuum. Mary and I set out to find one. We stopped at WalMart, first, knowing they would have some cheap ones, but as I stood there gazing upon the line of them being displayed I wondered if they were cheap, in addition to being cheap. I ended up getting one at Target, deluding myself that because it was purchased there it would be better. (Don’t bust my balloon. I occasionally live in a state of delusion and I enjoy it.)

Since the cats decided to bring along their pets to Georgia, we had to pick up some flea stuff for the carpet and some medicine from the vet, too. I’m sure the boyz will miss their little friends, but we’ll make it up to them somehow.

I’m hoping to drag out some paper and scissors to make some birthday cards today. I need something fun to do. I have four, yes four, birthdays coming up on the 24th of June and that day is approaching fast. I’ve already pulled out the ‘belated’ birthday ideas from my stash of inspiration. Hopefully, the conditions under the circus performers will be conducive to creativity.

I better see if my iPod is charged.



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