Posted by: Deanna | June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday~Old School

Old School

1946- Richard Garvey School, California

My mom is in the first row, third from the right!



  1. Wow…this is terrific!! Wish I had family school portraits like this. Consider yoursef lucky. Excellent.

    Mine’s shared. Stop by if you can.

  2. Always fun to see old photos of old America! Thanks for sharing…

  3. Why do my old school photos make me think, ‘What was I thinking’ when this one makes me think, ‘I’m so glad they held onto this all these years’?

  4. Must agree with MOTG…mine haven’t been around long enough to be treasures yet, I guess. 😉

    This is fabulous.

  5. it’s always nice to look back at old mementos 🙂

  6. That’s a big class! Great memento.

  7. When I look at our history I often reflect that we’ve lost more than we’ve gained.

  8. How fun! I always enjoy the old photos like this. 😀

  9. What a great thing to have – thanks for sharing!

  10. What a treasure to have that photo!

  11. I love old photos – even if I’m not connected to anyone in them. Thanks for sharing! Happy WW! 🙂

  12. I really love old photos!

    Great WW!

  13. WHat a wonderful memento. Happy WW

  14. Wow, that’s fantastic! I love old photos. What a wonderful memento to have! Happy WW!

  15. What a wonderful memory!Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog!

  16. It’s great you have the photos. They tell part of your family history!

  17. What a cool WW!

  18. I love photos ,,old one are the dearest because we can only see a lots of them in it…Trying to reminisce thier being part of our life..

  19. What a treasure! I love photos like these 🙂 Times seem so much simpler then…

  20. Ah yes. Back when everyone was dressed nice for school…

  21. Gee they look so nice and tidy! 60 years later school photos tend to be quite different from this, I think!

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