Posted by: Deanna | June 26, 2008

Window Shopping

Yesterday, Mary and I headed out of the house to do some running around that needed to be done, box hunt and wander through some stores. We stopped by the school to pick up her things from her desk. Her teacher had called and let us know that she would be there most of the day, cleaning out the room. She is moving out of state and it was nice to see her before she left. Mary really enjoyed her time in her class. You can still see the effects of the EPA and their work at the school there after that mercury spill they had the last week of school. It looked like all the carpeted areas in the office and in the classrooms were removed, leaving a sticky film on the floor.

I had a perscription to pick up. The office had called me earlier to let me know that it would be at the desk waiting for me. They, however, did not inform me that the office would be closed. Very frustrating.

From there we headed to the new neighborhood to wander through the townhome again. The realtor said she may be there putting up blinds and so I took a chance to see if she was there. She wasn’t. Oh well.

Off to the south side of Savannah to wander through some stores! We stopped at the music store. Mary will begin band when the school year starts! She’s so excited! Of course, she’s chosen to play the clarinet, just like Sissy. We had a great conversation with a gentleman in the music store as we gazed upon the nice shiny clarinets hanging on the wall. Wow! They’ve gotten expensive! I showed Mary where we can buy music written for the clarinet. How surprised and happy she was to see a book devoted to Disney songs!

We strolled through Rooms To Go and looked at all kinds of pretty things. They didn’t have any children’s furniture there, what we were looking for, but we had fun trying out all the comfy chairs and sofas. There was a Lane Furniture store next door and we browsed there, too.

By this time, Mary was ready to wander through the mall. She had brought her money with her and was ready to spend it! We hit all the ‘Mary’ stores; Claire’s, Barnes and Noble, and Build-a-Bear. She spent a lot of time in Build-a-Bear and finally decided to buy a pink, plastic, blow-up bed for her treasured animals she has at home. She spent most of the drive home huffing and puffing into that thing, getting it ready to use as soon as she got home!

Bill was home and waiting for us. I had forgotten my cell phone on our little outing so I called from a pay-phone (yeah! I actually found a pay phone!) to let him know we would be on our way shortly so we could go to dinner. He’s had a hankerin’ for the Chinese Buffet. We hadn’t been in a while.

After dinner we took a drive, heading down roads we hadn’t been down before, to see what there was to see. We stumbled upon a scenic drive and decided to check it out. It’s four miles of gravel road that winds through the marsh and river land. The area was once used to grow rice.  We watched birds dive into the water looking for fish to eat, and at one point on the drive we pulled over to watch an alligator we spotted. He was just floating there, probably watching us, wondering what we were going to do. He finally started moving and we moved along the road watching his progress. (Yes, we were in the car.)

A short distance away we found what must have been a favorite wading place. There in the water we spotted five gators, floating around, probably waiting to see if we were one of those stupid people who get out of the vehicle to lure the lovely creatures closer.

Mary was fascinated! We all were, really. It was pretty cool. We sat for a while watching them, counting the gators as others swam over to enjoy the area.

We drove the rest of the way, bumping down the gravel road watching the birds and taking in the scenery. It was really cool! Of course, I didn’t have the camera with me, so Mary and I hope to go out there again today to take some pictures.

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