Posted by: Deanna | July 10, 2008

Tired, but it’s quiet.

Our Ford Explorer is awesome!

Everything, and I do mean Everything, except for the queen size bed, was moved from the apartment to the townhome!

There are only a few odds and ends left at the apartment to move over. I think just some dishes from the cupboard. Then we’ll be cleaning that place from top to bottom to appease the apartment gods who stand at the ready, pen poised over clipboard, to site any infractions to which they can charge us a fee for.

Bill was amazing. He got most of the big stuff moved on his own, with minimal help from me. The day we moved the dining room table I hurt myself and have been coping with that frustration. Bill used the hand truck and his handy-dandy straps to move most everything else.

He went over to the apartment Sunday morning and came back with the oak shelf unit. By himself. No one helping him. He told me the people in the apartment facing the parking lot watched as he manuveured the shelf into the truck. They didn’t think he’d be able to get it in there, but he did! They were impressed. Didn’t offer to lend a hand, but they were impressed.

The only thing we couldn’t get into the Explorer was the bed. Bill was sure we would have to rent a truck or trailer, but I knew we would figure out something. If nothing else, I would knock on doors until I found an apartment dweller with a pick-up and beg. My first option was, though, for Bill to go to work and find someone (with a truck) to give him a hand.

“Hey, just ask everyone you talk to! Your an inspector! They’ll want a reason to kiss up to you!”

Sure enough, he found someone at work who was willing to give him a hand. I don’t know that he used my technique, but he found someone. He called me in the morning and said they’d be at the apartment after work.

They had a grand time trying to get the queen size box spring up the stairs. The walls now show the marks (and gouges) of their journey. Moving large furniture upstairs is a sure way to find the architectural flaws in a building.

They ended up hoisting the box springs from outside to the deck outside the bedroom. Luckily, the mattress bends. That sucker is heavy! It would have been a feat to get it up and over the railing of the deck upstairs.

Oreo has been having a fabulous time exploring and playing aroung the new place! He loves the stairs, flying up and down when he’s in high adventure mode! He, also, has taken it upon himself to inspect every new feature, box, and cupboard he can find.

So far, I think, Boris is just pissed that he still can’t go outside.

It didn’t take long for Oreo to make his way to the top of the cupboards. I know he missed doing that since moving from Florida.

He had to climb on everything we brought into the house. Here he’s chasing a little bug that flew in while the door was open.

I’ll have more pictures later! Need to go fill the coffee cup!



  1. Funny today Katie & I talked about all your moves here in Sac. The subject came up as we were driving down Eastern to El Camino High. As we passed Whitney I turned to Katie to say “Aunt Deanna lived around here somewhere”. Her reply, “Everytime we go to an area I haven’t been in for awhile you tell me Aunt Deanna lived around here.” So that got us talking about all the different places you guys were in don’t know if I remembered them all but it kept us talking till she got to school. LOL

    Then on my way to work as I passed Merryhill I thought I remembered Dayna attending there for a bit.

    Enjoy the new digs! Hope you injury isn’t too bad!

    Love ya,


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