Posted by: Deanna | July 11, 2008

Finally Friday!

Mary has been waiting for today all week long.

This morning we’re off to Target to get her a shower curtain for her bathroom. Doesn’t sound too exciting, right? Well, think like an (almost) eleven year old girl and think Hannah Montana, and you’ll jump for joy!

She found ‘the coolest bathroom stuff, Mom!’ at Target when we were there a few weeks back. He jaw dropped in disbelief when I told her we could do her bathroom in Hannah Montana stuff. Her bathroom is upstairs and the likelyhood that I will have to see it too often is slim, so with a few conditions, we’re doing the bathroom in this

This is the shower curtain. It’s not too over the top! The towels are cute, too.

This is what I found on the Target website, anyway. I hope that’s what is in the store.

The conditions revolve around keeping her bathroom clean, of course. I think I’ll go buy a really ugly shower curtain to put up when she falls short of her promise! (I’m such an evil mom)

We also have some fun waiting for us at the grocery store. Yeah right. Fun.


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