Posted by: Deanna | July 15, 2008

Oh, the mileage!

We headed out the door at 6:30 this morning so Bill could be to work promptly at 6:50. Mary and I stopped at the gas station for some really bad coffee and chocolate milk (you can figure out who drank what), then headed south to Florida to pick up Mary’s BFF, her blond side-kick, her cycling buddy, her Barbie Empire co-architect, Chrissy!

Mary was so excited when we finally got the big fat YES from Chrissy’s mom and dad about coming up to Savannah to spend the week with us! She was jumping up and down, singing, “Chrissy’s coming! Chrissy’s coming!” and just plain over-joyed.

The drive down took about 3 hours, two hundred miles back to Lake Sh*tty. We pulled into Chrissy’s driveway at 10:00 and about 10 minutes into the reunion hugs between the girls we went inside to gather her things up to take with us. She had it all ready, along with her bike that we loaded up in the Explorer to bring on the trip.

After a few errands in town, stopped by our house, sitting empty and alone, grass a bit scraggly around the for sale sign in the yard, dropped off the garage door opener for the new owners that will surely be taking it off our hands enjoying their new house someday soon, (no, we don’t have any offers on the house yet. I don’t think it’s even been shown!) headed into town to visit Gail at Scrappy Papers, my favorite scrapbook store of all time, grabbed some cash at the ATM so I could pay a really swell guy and his son (Thank you SO much Brian and Sean!) for mowing our scraggly lawn every time the rain promotes a huge growing spurt, then headed back to the interstate, Savannah bound.

The ride home was filled with a pair of giggling blonde 10 year old girls and it was great! We stopped for lunch and later stopped for ice cream (DQ, of course) and got back to Gulfstream to pick Bill up from work at 3:20! Couldn’t have planned it better!

So now the girls are upstairs, whispering secrets, giggling about who-knows what and hopefully settling down for the night.

Chrissy has been a bit nervous a few times throughout the evening. She called and talked to her mom and dad a couple of times and sat with me for a bit and I tried to reassure her that we would take good care of her. I hope she sleeps. I hope she gets comfortable. I don’t want her to worry.

I think the morning will bring sunshine and smiles from these two best friends.

Of course, I snuck around with my camera and stole a shot. I was rewarded by groans and protests.

Music to my ears.


  1. Looks like your girls are having lots of fun! Glad to hear that all is wonderful!

  2. Deanna you are a gem. We owe you big for coming to get Chrissy, you know what finances are like and I am sure they are no different for you and bill. Thank you for comforting my little girl when she was feeling down. I have spoken to her a lot and she seems to be having a wonderful time, seeing things I have never seen before. We love and miss you guys very much. Love, Tracy

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