Posted by: Deanna | July 16, 2008

Adventures of Mary and Chrissy ~ Day 2

After staying up a bit late last night, the two girls came stumbling down the stairs around 11:00 this morning, still half asleep and not speaking much. They stood in front of me as I sat on the couch rubbing their eyes, Mary’s hand in her hair, still twisting away, listening to my questions and nodding and grunting their responses.

‘Did you sleep good?’

‘Did you wake up at all last night, Chrissy?’

I let her know that it was okay to come and wake me if she needed anything or woke up not recognizing her surroundings, whatever! She didn’t though. I’m glad she had a good night. Later in the day she told me she’d woken up after a weird dream, but fell right back asleep.

We hadn’t made any real plans for today. I wanted to let the girls just do what they wanted today.

They had breakfast and back upstairs they went into the room where Mary’s piles of this and that are still scattered in the room, boxes still full from the move, but still plenty of room for them to let their imaginations go and have fun together. They spent most of their time playing ‘office’ with a few breif respites of dressing Barbie’s and doing their hair.

I had to go over to the apartment and speak with the office, also finish up a few chores over there to spruce it up to hand the keys over to them, so we headed out after noon to get that done. Mary showed her all around the apartment club-house and pool while I did what I needed to do.

From there we headed into Pooler to swing by the post office, drove by Mary’s school to show Chrissy, then began the horrifying task of deciding where to go for lunch! Ugh. We ended up at Wendy’s where the girls had chicken and fries, chattering and munching in BFF commoraderie.

The last stop for us was at Sam’s Club to pick up a few things. I parked and we got out and somehow, I really don’t know how, Chrissy slammed her right hand in the door as she closed it! She was yelling, ‘Ow! Ow! My fingers!’ and I’m trying to get my keys out because the door was completely closed and locked! Mary was still in the back seat so I hollered at her to open the door. She was startled and looked afraid, but opened the door right away from the inside.

Chrissy is okay. She has a mark on one finger and I think her thumb nail is going to bruise, but she shook it off pretty good, regardless of how many times I mother-henned her to make sure she was okay. It was then that I remembered the Anthony house rule: No one, and I mean NO ONE is allowed to get hurt while visiting. It is just not done.

Once inside Sam’s the girls were off looking at High School Musical stuff while I browsed the books nearby. That helped her take her mind off her fingers. She never said any more about it, so I hope she’s okay. (Want pictures, Tracy and Chris? I snap some if you want!)

Bike riding was on the agenda when we got home and off they went, Mary playing tour guide through the neighborhood. It wasn’t long before they were back to ask if they could go climb on the playground equipment over by the pool.  It’s been pretty hot and humid and I know they were looking forward to getting into the pool, too.

Which they did. Not long after Bill got home, I took them over to the pool, styrofoam noodles, towels and goggles in hand. I pulled up a chair to watch. Bill joined me a few minutes later.

The sky was cloudy and I had told the girls that at the first sign of lightening I would call them out of the pool and they were to get out without question. The clouds rolled in and it got darker, but there was no thunder. When it started to sprinkle, I headed over to some chairs that were near the pool house under the eaves. Bill had joined me and we sat and watched the girls and the other, smaller, kids in the pool.

When it started raining harder, one little girl got out of the pool just as fast as she could and scampered over to her mom, who was also watching from the porch near us.

“Mom! It’s raining! Do you have the umbrella? I don’t want to get wet!”

We just laughed so much at that little girl who was worried about getting rained on while in the swimming pool.

It came down really good and Mary and Chrissy were having a great time! Of course, I didn’t get any pictures, but I’m sure this will not be the last time in pool.

Tomorrow we plan on getting up early and heading downtown to River Street. Hopefully, it won’t be too hot when we get there, but I’m sure we’ll have fun showing Chrissy around. I’ll certainly have the camera with me tomorrow!

I had them go to bed earlier tonight due to our plans for the morning. Mary assured me she would get up in the morning! ‘Just wake me up, Mom!’

I’m sure they’re still whispering and giggling up there, but hey, what’s a week long slumber party for?


And since I didn’t get any fun shots of the girls today, here’s Oreo wishing he could just get inside this picture so he could hunt and scamper through the woods.

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