Posted by: Deanna | July 17, 2008

Adventures of Mary & Chrissy ~ Day 3

We got out of the house reasonably early yesterday to go downtown Savannah. I had to run by Comcast, but we were soon driving down Abercorn toward the historic district.

We stopped first at St. Anthony’s Cathedral and went inside.

I didn’t take any pictures inside. I have before and they turned out okay, but in no way reflects how beautiful it is in there.

Since we had a few minutes on the meter where we parked we walked around the block looking at whatever there was to see. It was already warm out and the square across from the cathedral helped the girls cool off!

The breeze was just right for sending some cool drops of water over them! Then, with pennies in their hands, they made a wish and tossed the coins into the fountain.

The girls are standing outside a beautiful B & B. We chatted with a man who works there and he told us all about the place. He gave me a brochure and wished us a happy day!

We headed toward River Street, looking for a parking spot, driving, bumping along on the old stone road, the girls checking out all the shops along the way. Mary filled Chrissy in on all the candy stops and ice cream shops to be found, along with the ‘cool store with all the Elvis stuff in it!’

Not finding a spot, we circled up to Bay Street hoping to find one there, but we had no luck. I suggested we head on over to the mall and come back later in the evening, when Bill was home, and would probably have better luck in finding a spot.

On the way to the mall, the conversation in the back seat turned to rumbling tummies. I pulled into CiCi’s pizza and the girls were so glad! It’s a great place to fill up for less money. It’s loud and busy, but not too annoying. The worst part of it was the cartoons blaring from the televisions with the sound effects inappropriate for meal time. Bathroom humor is just not conducive to my appetite.

The girls didn’t have too much trouble, though.

They enjoyed their salad after their pizza with no prompting from me.

We walked around toys-r-us for a while, a place I ususally avoid like the plague, but it was fun watching the girls check out all the Highschool Musical and Hannah Montana stuff throughout the store. Chrissy spent her money on a Hannah Montana doll and the girls spent the rest of the day with their dolls in whatever they did!

After dinner we headed over to

in search of alligators! It’s a four mile drive through marsh lands that used to be used to grow rice. Now the wildlife enjoy the water and weeds. We weren’t disappointed in spotting some gators, either.

The girls remained in the car for this shot.  One of this guys friends started swimming over to the edge where he could climb up out of the water and Bill and I hi-tailed it back in the car. Nope, fools we may be, but BIG fools, we are not!

The trees covered in Spanish Moss made a cool tunnel to drive through. The sun was going down, so I couldn’t get a good picture inside.

We spotted this guy at another pull-out where we could stand above on a concrete slab and gaze at the creatures. He has a stick across his face, apparently from coming out of the bushes along the bank.

The girls were more fascinated by this little guy

He crawled out of the sand and puddle there in the road.

They would find a bunch more of them crawling through the gravel on the road before we went on our way.

As the sun went down on our way out we enjoyed a beautiful sunset!

Of course, the girls were giggling in the back with their dolls. That is, of course, until a huge dragonfly made it’s way through the open window. Then the girls were screaming! It was rather hilarious. The dragonfly kept banging itself on the back window trying to find a way out. He eventually made it up to the front, through the screaming section of the truck, to hand precariously from the sun visor. Bill is looking around trying to find it as the girls are screaming, ‘He’s by your head!’. I pointed out that the creature was now hanging upside down, most certainly wondering what kind of world he found himself in, and Bill scooped him out the window. Hopefully, he found his way back to his home to warn the others to stay away from the short, blonde, loud humans!

Back to River Street we headed to wander down the river walk and gaze into shop windows. The day had cooled nicely and it was a nice stroll. Aside from the many bar hoppers that frequent the area, there were still a lot of tourists wandering about and the trolley cars were full of people hearing about the area. We saw quite a few artists there; bead makers, painters, portrait sketchers, a couple banging away on drums drowning out the gentleman down the way playing his saxaphone. The girls hopped and skipped, never getting too far from us, heeding the warning that I would skin them alive if they did. I mean, if we lost Mary we would deal, but Chrissy’s parents would never speak to us again!

The Vietnam Memorial.

The bridge in the background takes you over to the island where the Convention Center and a golf course is. We drove over it earlier in the day so Chrissy could say she’d been to South Carolina on her trip!

The toy store was a ‘must see’ according to Mary, so they browsed inside for a few minutes, then came outside to look at the menagerie of stuffed animals in the window.

We had a nice walk. The girls were chattering, staying close by and none of us were run over by drinking adults and their cups clutched in their hands. They allow alcohol outside in ‘certain types of cups’, as if this can control the weaving and spilling and bad behavior. I don’t get it.

We headed home, the girls had some ice cream, then up the stairs they went to play again. They’re having a really good time with each other!

Today we’re staying home. Probably get some pool time in. Mary wants to pack a picnic and ride their bikes to the park near us for lunch. It looks like rain. Hopefully it will hold off a while.



  1. …cathedrals, fountains, pizza, gators, sunsets, and kiddos…what more could someone want in a day?

  2. Good morning Deanna, wow… you have out done yourself with such great pictures around Savannah…. I love it…Mary and Chrissy are two cute girls.. maybe I can meet you and them one day..have a relaxing and fun week-end.
    hugs, Baba

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