Posted by: Deanna | July 20, 2008

Adventures of Mary & Chrissy ~ Day 4

Another busy day yesterday!

We not only went to Oglethorpe Mall, we hit the Savannah Mall, too!

Of course, we didn’t get out of the house until one o’clock and by the time we got down to Abercorn the girls were hungry, hungry! So we went cheap, cheap!

Good ol’ McDonald’s.

The mall was just across the street, so we zipped over there, parked in the parking structure as to avoid being drenched. Lots and lots of rain!

We made our way through the mall until we came to our main destination ~ Build-a-Bear! The girls were carrying their favorite animals with them and went in search of new outfits. They had a great time shopping, all smiles and giggles, trying to make up their minds what would be the final choice.

We wandered around for a while, going in this store and that, all with the 10-year old radar focused on Hannah Montana.

Claire’s had a wall full of bright colored finds, and the girls looked at each and every one of them!

I followed them around to the next stop, KB Toys, where Barbies were the subject of inspection.

By the time we headed out of the mall, the rain had stopped, but the Friday traffic was in full swing. We drove down Abercorn toward the Savannah Mall. I hadn’t intended on going there, but the traffic was it’s usual bumper to bumper in that area, so we swung in and went inside.

We were all hot and thirsty, so we sat a while in the food court watching people and acting silly.

We wandered through A.C. Moore, I scoured the scrapbook and yarn sections and the girls looked at pretty much everything else. And yes, they found some Hannah Montana stuff that called their names!

A quick trip through Target to add to Mary’s bathroom collection of Hannah stuff and we were on our way home. The traffic had lightened up quite a bit and we made it to the house around seven o’clock, picked up Bill and headed for the Chinese Buffet in Pooler.

A long day, but fun! The time has begun to start thinking of the end of the visit and this doesn’t please either one of the girls. They’re upstairs right now in Barbie heaven. I haven’t heard from them in a while, but I’m sure their stomachs will be rumbling soon and they’ll be fumbling down the stairs to see what there is to eat.

For me, I should be doing more around here, but don’t know how much I’ll get done. I’m missing da brat (a.k.a. Dayna) in California. With the time change we don’t talk as often on the phone anymore. She’s good. She’s working. I miss her.


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