Posted by: Deanna | July 21, 2008

Last Day in Savannah

The dreadful time has come.

Chrissy goes home tomorrow morning, bright and early, so as to make it home for her brother’s birthday!

The bike is in the back of the explorer, the swim suit is in the dryer (still will need to be washed mom! I didn’t want her to forget it or bring it home wet.) The Barbie Empire will be demolished tonight and the girls have (strict) orders to get to bed early…well, earlier. (Sorry mom! I kinda spoiled her while she was here!)

Today we went to the pool. The plan was to enjoy the day and see how long they could talk me in to letting them stay. Unfortunately, they only got an hour or so.

I had gathered a magazine and my book, along with a great big glass of ice water and plopped myself in the shade while they girls splashed around.

There were quite a few people at the pool today, being the weekend. There were grandma’s with grandchildren, mom’s with little ones, and a few teens all enjoying the water.

The girls came over at one point to tell me there were cookies all over the bottom of the pool. Well, stuff happens with little kids. It’s a big pool. Play somewhere else.

They came back again and said there was poop in the pool!


I just saw a mom with a little chunky toddler boy hurrying off to the bathroom. Did you know they made those Little Swimmers for babies and toddlers that look like Speedo’s? Apparently, they do, cuz that is exactly what it looked like on this little guy!

With this new development, I told the girls, “Well, it sounds like you’re done swimming!”

The mom with Speedo boy came by and I asked her,

“Did he fill his pants?”

And she said, “I saw that face and got him out of the pool to the bathroom in time.”

“I wonder, because the girls just told me there was poop in the pool.” I said.

And with a straight face with no sign of concern, she said,

“Oh, we saw that. That was there when we got in.”

And you went swimming anyway?

And you didn’t say anything to anyone who might not want to swim in a toilet?

We headed home.

The girls went upstairs to shower. I broke out two brand new bars of Dial soap and said,

“Scrub good. Hot water.”

Later in the afternoon we were off to take dinner to Bill again. He worked another 12 hour shift. Tired man. Good paycheck.  The girls had one last trip around the neighborhood on their bikes, then went and climbed on the playground equipment until I told them it was time to come home.

We’re on the road in the morning! I need to pick some new music for the truck. The girls have a bright, shiny new magazine featuring Hannah Montana to keep them entertained for a while.

See you in the morning around 10:00, (Chrissy’s) Mom and Dad!

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