Posted by: Deanna | July 22, 2008

Home Safe and Sound

I nudged the girls out of bed this morning at six. Both were downstairs pouring cereal in bowls and prepared for the day quietly, no chattering really. We got out of the house before seven, headed to the gas station to fill up and off down the interstate we went.

Mary got up with a stuffed nose. I don’t know if her allergies caught up with her or she picked up a summer cold. Hopefully, it isn’t some petri-dish type bacteria growing in the pool yesterday. (Yikes!) She dosed off and on during the drive, waking up blowing her nose and complaining a bit. Chrissy was pretty quiet in the back seat with her magazine and music.

We got to Chrissy’s house around 10:30. She had a great time here, I think, but it was sure nice to see mom, dad, brother and sisters! We stayed for a while visiting and then headed out for the drive home.

Nothing too eventful. We stopped in Jacksonville at a shopping center to wander around Michaels, grabbed some lunch and headed home. Mary, again, slept on and off all the way home. She was not feeling well. Once we got home she just layed around. I got her to bed early, even though she didn’t want to go. I hope she feels better tomorrow. We’ll probably have a quiet day anyway.

I’m off to bed myself.



  1. That’s too cool! Great shot. Happy WW!

  2. Hello Deanna..just to let you know that we attend Savannah Christian Church. You wondered where our grands went for VBS and that is it. We have attended there for 7 years now and just LOVE it!! Thanks for stopping by. Great Wordless Wednesday too.

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