Posted by: Deanna | July 29, 2008

Surprise! Surprise!

Today we ran a few errands around town. Returned a library book, some movies to Movie Gallery and down to the tag office to get the Explorer’s new tags for the year.

Mary was occupied throughout the morning and the drive around town on planning her Daddy’s surprise birthday party!

She talked about the cake, the decorations, balloons and presents, of course. It didn’t occur to her for a while that we really don’t know anyone here in Savannah.

Not to be deterred, she quizzes her father,

“So, Dad, who’s your best friend at work here?”

Well, Dad says, “John.” That’s his carpool buddy.

Now Mary has to figure out how to get an invitation to John. Since Dad and John are together, she admits this may be tricky. So she tells Dad,

“Tomorrow when you get home, don’t let John leave, because I have to give him something, ok?”

Now, hopefully, Bill is playing along with this and isn’t actually totally oblivious. He’s been tired. Working a lot of hours. He could very well be oblivious. But hey, either way, he’ll be surprised, right?

What she wants to give John is an invitation to the shindig! As we walked through the party store she wanted to buy invitations. Sorry, honey, they don’t have packs of ‘one’. Lets move on.

Mary spent a good amount of time picking out the perfect Birthday Card. She loves doing that. She’ll read each and everyone of them. Twice. Before picking one out.

From the card section she moves on, looking for the perfect….

party hat.


Dad’s going to be thrilled with this!

I just followed behind her, letting her know what we could get and what we couldn’t, but let her pick things out. Hey, this is her deal. I’m just the chef!

It’s going to be fun. I’m sure I’ll have some good pictures!



  1. Way too funny! Hope Bill has a WONDERFUL Birthday.

    Love from us!

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