Posted by: Deanna | August 2, 2008

An Evening in the Park

Coming home the other day, we noticed a little sign standing at the edge of the park as you enter the neighborhood. It was an invitation to watch a movie in the park Friday night.

How cool!

I didn’t know how they were going to do it, but we made a mental note to check it out. Mary had seen the movie, Nim’s Island, already, but wanted to see it again.

When Bill got home from work, we headed to the pool for a little while, watching the clouds in the sky, wondering if our evening would be rained out. We watched the little tiny kids and their parents play, Bill threw Mary around some, she showed me how well she’s swimming now and I pretty much just floated around, trying to stay out of the splashing.

After dinner, Mary reminded me of the time. I’d been watching out the window, concerned about the thunderstorms that the Emergency Broadcasting Service kept screaming at us about. We saw the threatening clouds, but it never opened up and rained on us here.

The movie was to start at 8:45. We headed down the street to see what was going on. I wondered if they were going to continue with it with the sky looking as ominous as it did, but as we got closer we could hear the movie already going.

The park just inside the neighborhood is really nice. At one end there is a gazebo and what is probably a stage. In the gazebo a lady was set up with a popcorn maker and drinks. To the right of the gazebo, out in the grass, there was a huge screen set up and a projection system flickering away, bringing the park to life.

There was quite a crowd of people all spread out on blankets and in lawn chairs. Kids were running around, some on their scooters, thrilled with the fact that they were able to be out after dark. Some brought their dogs along.

It was really cool!

We spread out the blanket Mary brought with her and she and Bill plopped down to watch the movie. I sat on the edge of the stage near the gazebo, not sure yet if we would be staying for the whole movie. Lightening was flashing around the edges of the sky, but we didn’t hear any thunder and it hadn’t started raining.

Mary soon came over to me and wanted to know if we could go get another blanket to sit on. The little one she brought had grass sticking through it and “It’s poking me!”

I walked home and loaded the beach chairs and a furniture pad (left over from the move) into the car and headed back to the park. If the sky opened up and it decided to pour we could run for cover and not have to walk all the way home.

We sat together, watching the movie, little bits of rain starting to fall, listening to the kids near us chanting, ‘Rain, rain, go away!’, thoroughly enjoying this neighborhood event. Mary layed on her stomach, chin resting in her hands, watching the movie, only occasionally looking back to see if her dad and I were enjoying it as much as she was.

I hope they do this again. What a great thing to have in the neighborhood. There were not loud, unruley people, no cars with stereos blasting, just a park full of people gathering to enjoy an evening.

And it didn’t rain until we were home.


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