Posted by: Deanna | August 4, 2008

Charleston, South Carolina

Saturday afternoon we hopped in the Explorer and did some! Exploring, that is. I had debated most of the day whether or not to go for a drive. We’re pinching pennies (what else is new?) and with the cost of gas, I didn’t know if we should use up what we had. I’ve been doing my best to not waste trips while we’re out and staying close to home, but we all needed to get out for a while, so off we went!

We headed north, caught I-17 and drove to Charleston. It was a pretty drive. It wasn’t too long before we were driving down Meeting Street, Museum Mile and finally found the water. We were really fortunate and found a parking spot right by the water, piled out and started wandering around.

The houses were astounding! The pictures can’t capture how gorgeous they are! We only walked a few blocks and along the waterfront. I see us returning again soon to spend a weekend there!

Here are the pictures! Enjoy! We did!

I leaned out of the car at a red light to take this picture. I tried later to capture the whole church, but couldn’t do it! This became our point of reference on our walk so we could find our way back to where we were parked. We walked up a few small streets catching glimpses of gardens behind gates, all lush and green, almost every one with a fountain somewhere inside.

Click on the photos to see them bigger!


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