Posted by: Deanna | August 7, 2008

So Hot in Savannah!

It’s been so hot here this week we have done our best to stay inside. We haven’t even gone to the pool! The weather report this morning shows it will be hotter here than where we lived in Florida! Yuk!

Yesterday, Mary and I moved some things around, pulled out our pictures and scrapped! I worked on Dayna’s birthday and Mary did ‘Chrissy’ pictures, of course. She also has a ‘Katie’ page working.

We popped a movie in, pushed the cat off the table everytime he hopped up there and enjoyed the day. We stayed up way too late playing, but it was fun. Around midnight we both got caught up just looking at pictures more than actually putting them on pages, but that was fun, too.

With Dayna across the country from me, I’ve been missing her a lot. Looking at the pictures just reminds me of how fast time has gone by.

Mary had fun with inks and stamps! She discovered coloring the stamp with a pen…

I ordered pictures online from Chrissy’s visit. They should get here sometime this week. Mary can’t wait to get scrappin’ those! She was so happy when I told her I got double prints!

Hope everyone’s day is ‘picture’ perfect!


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