Posted by: Deanna | August 11, 2008


We were off exploring again yesterday afternoon. Bill went online looking to see how much it cost to get into the state parks here and found such a deal! Thirty bucks for an annual pass that will get us into all 52 state parks in Georgia!

Skidaway isn’t too far away, just outside of Savannah. We pack a peanut butter sandwich picnic lunch, stopped at the grocery store for some bottles of water, some potato salad and fresh fruit and headed out to Skidaway.

We stopped in at the office to get our pass and then drove through the park just looking around. It’s not a huge state park, but has a nice campground, a couple great day areas with a lot of tables and barbeques, a pool, a museum and a couple of hiking trails.

We walked through the museum looking at the exhibits of animals, some live, some stuffed, that inhabit the area. We grabbed a map, a couple of bottles of water and the camera, of course, and headed down the shorter of the two trails.

It was hot, but not terribly, but we were glad we chose the shorter trail.


We jumped into the Explorer, fired up the air, and headed to the picnic area.

There wasn’t anyone else there when we drove up to the first area. The second had a nice set of playground equipment that Mary wanted to climb on, so we chose that one for our picnic. A couple was enjoying the solitude of the picnic area when we drove up, but soon got on their motorcycle and headed out. Sorry! Didn’t mean to break up the neckin’!

We had a nice meal, enjoyed the breeze blowing through the covered picnic area and the quiet of the park. Mary finished up and headed over to the playground to climb. She got Bill to play with her and they roared and chased each other as monsters around the area as long as the heat would allow.

Both Mary and Bill both tried climbing up the rock wall, and that’s when it was pointed out to Bill the age requirement for the playground equipment; 5-12 years of age. He stayed off that from then on. Good boy.

Mary chased him around and the games went on until they were both too hot and sweaty to continue.

We left the park with plans on returning when it was cooler. It’s close to home and I’m sure we’d enjoy it more in almost any other month of the year. August is just too hot and humid.

We decided to go downtown to stroll down River St. There’s always a nice breeze on the river. We checked out the ferry that runs across the river to the hotel and convention center and two points along River St. and found it was free to ride! So, we had a ride!

Mary was unsure at first, but I had fun!

We’re looking forward to seeing more parks here in Georgia, even tempted to buy a little tent to spend a weekend overnight somewhere. Of course, I’ll sleep in the Explorer. No ground for me!

A quiet day for us today. It’s a bit cloudy outside and is sure to be hot and sticky. Good day to scrapbook.


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