Posted by: Deanna | August 16, 2008

Out and About

Friday was a day out on the town!

No, we didn’t go bar-hopping, but Mary and I hopped from place to place most of the day getting things ready for the upcoming school year.

I roused her out of bed, nudged her into the shower and we actually got out of the house before noon!

Our first stop was the gas station, of course. Had to feed the beast. Then over to the eye doctor’s office to make an appointment. Mary has been nervous about getting her eyes checked since we mentioned it on Wednesday. The doctor was out of town, so she dodged the exam for now, but we made an appointment for this coming Wednesday afternoon.

Just down the road a couple of miles is a huge uniform shop, Patrick’s. We headed there to check out school uniforms. When we moved here in March, we bought her school clothes at a little shop in Pooler. They were really great, but we wanted to see what else was available.  Since the school district just arbitrarily changed the uniform requirements for this year, about half of the clothes we bought before she can no longer wear. They took away the ‘blue’ option. They can only wear black or khaki colored pants.

The girl helping us was very nice. She sized up Mary pretty well and got two pair of pants for her to try on. Perfect, first shot! Of course, they need to be hemmed, but they do that, too. And only five bucks a pair. For hemming, that is. The total cost of two pair of pants; $64. and change. Sheezzz…

Off to the Savannah Mall where Target is located. We picked up most of what Mary needed from her supply list, leaving only hand sanitizer and tissues left to get at WalMart.

Mary’s most exciting purchase here was the new Miley Cyrus CD! She was so funny! She spotted it and grabbed it up. Again, her allowance running through her fingers like a flash! She did wait a couple of weeks for this one, though. It takes a couple of five dollar paydays to pick up a new CD.

Mary had some games she wanted to trade in at Game Stop, but had forgotten to bring them with her, so we planned on coming back later in the evening after Bill got off of work.

We were going to walk through the mall and window shop, but we decided we were too hungry and looked for some lunch. We stay away from McDonald’s as much as we can, but Mary likes it occasionally, so I caved and off we went to get lunch.

With the school errands pretty much done, I headed down Abecorn to Montgomery Crossing. I didn’t tell Mary where we were going and when we pulled into the parking lot for the little scrapbook store she was so excited! I had only been there once, on their opening day. Mary hadn’t been in yet.

She was so cute. We looked at everything! She browsed. She touched. She pointed out everything pink. We did buy a couple of things, but all in all, spent just about ten bucks.

It was too early to pick Bill up from work when we headed back to Pooler, but seemed silly to waste the gas to go all the way home just to leave again and go back to pick him up. So we pulled into the parking lot, parked at the edge by the airport and watched the planes take off to the tunes of Miley Cyrus blasting in the Explorer. When we got too hot, we wandered into the cafeteria there and then into the little gift shop that Gulfstream has. We talked to the lady in there until Bill made his way out to the parking lot.

After a little rest at home, we headed back over to the Savannah Mall, this time with Bill. He had to get his glasses repaired, yeah, the new ones. The frames came apart. Lost one of those microscopic screws that holds the lenses in. I grabbed a table at Texas Roadhouse while he had that done.

We hit Game Stop, wandered through A.C. Moore and then headed home again. Bill went to bed, Mary and I went to WalMart. Big Mistake. Big. Oh well, we had to get a few things for the weekend. Bill’s working and I didn’t want to keep the car.

So today we’re scrappin’, Mary and I. I seem to have banished my stupid sinus headache that I had throughout the night. I’m so tired of my battle with the allergies!


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