Posted by: Deanna | August 22, 2008

Mom Guilt

Mom guilt just never ends, does it?

The earliest is that separation guilt when you have to leave your child and they’re carrying on like death is upon them as you head off to work, the sound of that crying staying with you all day.

Well, Mary will be 11 on the second of September and the mom guilt is going strong!

Forget that I uprooted her AGAIN and moved to another state for the second time in her life. She barely remembers the first time. But this last time she had to leave her best friend behind.

Today we went to the podiatrist to have her feet looked at. She has planter’s warts.

I’ve heard of them.

Never seen them.

Didn’t know they could grow into the monstrosity that is on the bottom of her foot and in between her toes.

All kinds of people told me what they could be. Nobody told me they would grow. And multiply. And be so painful.

It wasn’t bad enough that Mary was terrified when we were waiting to see the doctor. Then she finds out that we have to go next Friday to the surgical center where they will put her out and they’ll remove the warts from her feet.


Tomorrow we go to the eye doctor. She’s afraid of that, too.

I just know she’s going to kill me in my sleep.



  1. Either she’ll kill you in your sleep, or she’ll run away…. Kidding!!! 😀

    Speedy recovery for Mary 🙂

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