Posted by: Deanna | August 24, 2008

Hannah Overload!

Mary was nervous Friday morning. We had to go to her eye exam. After her trip to the podiatrist on Thursday, I don’t know what she thought, but nothing I told her about a regular eye exam seem to sooth her.

She was worried most about getting the eye drops to dialate her eyes.

When we met the doctor, I let her know that this was Mary’s first visit and how nervous she was. The doctor was wonderful! She was so sweet to Mary and the exam went better than I could have imagined.

The doctor said that the most likely cause for Mary’s eye strain and headaches was due to not being able to focus properly. She gave her a couple of exercises to do three times a day and suggested getting reading glasses. She thinks it is probably a temporary condition that can be remedied by the exercises and using the glasses when she has a lot of studying to do.

It was raining buckets Friday, but we managed to get around for most of the day without getting drenched.

We headed to the mall to look for a few things. With her birthday coming up, I thought a girls’ shopping day would be fun. It would also take her mind off of this next Friday when she has surgery on her feet.

Mary’s Hannah Montana radar was working overtime!

We found shirts, pants, jackets, bedding, hair accessories, just about anything you can think of we saw adorned with Hannah Montana! She tried on clothes, actually found a shirt and a hoodie that fit. And, yes, they are decorated in Hannah Montana! Most of the clothes are made in little girl sizes and those that are not, are made for ‘stick’ girls.  (no offense meant, but my Mary is not little. Throw in her short legs and she’s sunk)

An eye glass case for her reading glasses (when we get them) and a book from Barnes and Noble!

She loved this one! I’m so glad it fit! She can’t wait until the weather cools so she can wear it.

And the perfect sweater to wear when we go out. Stores and restaurants are always too cold for Mary.

We went to The Dawg House Grill for lunch. We’ve seen it a couple of times and thought, “Hmmm, we should go there!” So we did.

We had a really good lunch and decided that it was definitely a place we should go back to. They are planning on building one on our side of town. That will be cool!

Of course, Bill was jealous because he didn’t get to go, but we promised to take him there next time. He pouted for just a little while.


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