Posted by: Deanna | September 1, 2008

A Good Day

Saturday was a good day.

If you don’t count the two times Mary got sick.

Other than that, a good day.

The boredom has set in, I’m sure, for Mary, but she’s not complaining. Every now and then she’ll tell me her foot hurts, but there is no drama. She’s dealing with all of this extremely well.

We set her up in the kitchen yesterday afternoon to change the bandages on her feet. She was nervous. After Friday night’s experience, she did not want to do this. It was much better, though. No seeping. The bandages were hardly messy at all. Bill cleaned all around, dried it off and rebandaged her up.

Today should go better even still. It’s about that time.

Last night I called around to find out if the pain meds were the reason Mary hasn’t been able to sleep. (Thanks Mom!) I had no number for the Foot and Ankle Center. I got voicemail, no service. Very odd and very inrritating. I finally called her regular pediatrician. When the nurse called me back she was very nice. She looked in all she could find to get a hold of the foot doctor, he should have had a service, but she found nothing. She took down some info on the meds and Mary and told me she’d call the pediatrician. It was only a couple of minutes later when she called back and told me what the doc said. I was impressed! lol

Today has been a good day, too. She’s coloring and watching movies.

Time to go change the bandage!

And flowers from Chrissy and her family! Thank you! Mary loves them!



  1. Sounds pretty traumatic! Poor, brave Mary… tell her I’m praying for her speedy recovery. Hope you’re feeling better, too, Mom.

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