Posted by: Deanna | September 3, 2008

Mary’s 11th Birthday

Mary’s 11th birthday was not spectacular.
It was the first day of school.
On crutches.
Not fun.
She stayed for only a couple of hours. Getting from her class to the art class wore her out. Her feet hurt. Her arms hurt. Her arm pits hurt.
We got a wheelchair for Tuesday.
Much better. I hope.

She had a visit to the doctor at 4. He checked her progress. Doing well, but still has quite a way to go before she’ll be back on her feet, in her new tennis shoes.

Picked up Dad after the doc visit and headed for the restaurant. Mary wanted to go to Lonestar Steak House. Good pick! It was good, not crowded.

Home for presents and cheesecake.

Pictures of the day!

Mary’s at school right now. I’m hanging by the phone. Hoping she does well. Not good at bloggin’ right now.



  1. Very clever widget. (Gadget… widget… whatever.) Hope Mary’s recovery is speedy!!

  2. Hi Mary, I am sorry that I missed your birthday.. Wishing you a belated “happy birthday”..I hope you can get around school better with the wheelchair..hope each day heals your foot faster..
    Hugs, Baba

  3. So sorry Mary did not have a better birthday! Hope she recovers ASAP.

  4. hi deanna
    been catching up on your blogs! hope mary’s foot is healing well.

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