Posted by: Deanna | September 6, 2008

What a Week

Mary is doing okay. Her foot is healing. She’s still in pain whenever we apply the medicine to the wounds. It’s a major source of anxiety for her whenever the hour gets late and closer to the time of rebandaging.

Yesterday she asked to go upstairs.

“I haven’t seen my room in a week!”

So she crawled up the stairs with me following behind her.

She gathered up a few more Barbie dolls to play with downstairs, her NintendoDS and some Hannah stuff and then scooted down the stairs on her behind just like she did when she was little.

She has a little Barbie community set up near the dining room with a crawl path through it. She’s been busy dressing dolls and having conversations with them. Occasionally, the cat stolls through the area knocking things down and sleeping in the box of Barbie clothes causing Mary to reprimand and scold her kitty. He usually ignores her. I think he knows she can’t chase after him. He’s a snot.

Today she’s cutting out flashcards of the fifty states, preparing to memorize the states and capitals for school. A book left over from our homeschool days will help her out a lot! She’ll have plenty of work to catch up when she goes to school on Monday.

We kept her home Thursday and Friday from school. The first two days really took it out of her.

I had no idea how hard the recovery was going to be on Mary. It breaks my heart to see her in pain. It is especially hard when we are inflicting the pain. Putting the medicine on her feet just tears her up. I don’t know how much is pain and how much is fear. She starts reacting before Bill gets to the medicine part. It’s hard to be stern and tell her she needs to be still, but we do. Last night was better, still horrible, but better. She recovered a bit quicker. Talking to her sister on the phone put a smile on her face, too.

Bill is working this weekend. Mary just asked if we could go out when he gets home. She’s getting stir crazy again. I don’t blame her.

We didn’t get anything but a little rain and a little wind from Hanna. It made landfall in the middle of the night in North Carolina. Hope my nephew is okay. He’s stationed there right now.

Hopefully, next week will find Mary healing fast. She wants so badly to be able to do the things she’s used to doing. We go back to the doc again on Tuesday for another check up.

Then we’ll get ready to help Dayna as much as we can when she has her surgery on the 15th. We can’t be there, which tears me up. She’ll be off of work for a six to eight week recovery from her surgery. On her foot. I know she’s scared. She’s worried. She’s never done anything like this since she’s moved away.

So, mom’s worrying and anxiety continues with both her girls.

Hopefully, soon, I’ll be posting some good news! Something exciting!




  1. Hey!! Well lets change this!! We have not met so when Mary gets herself back on her feet then lets make a DATE to meet for lunch..Okay? Be thinking about it. You know that houses are not selling now but we just thought we would try!! We have a nice home but just cannot stay here much longer…going to have problems with this but I will be okay in

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