Posted by: Deanna | September 10, 2008

A Few More Weeks To Go

Yesterday was Mary’s second follow up visit at the doctor after her foot surgery. He said it’s healing as it should, but we need to soak it more.

It’s only been a week and a half since Mary’s foot surgery, but it feels like longer. I’m tired. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for Mary! She’s being very good, though. She does very little complaining. She’s taking everything in stride…well, not literally…can’t walk yet…but deals with all she has to the best she can.

She was not thrilled to learn she’ll be in the wheel chair for another couple of weeks. She really doesn’t like it at all. She’s getting around school the best she can. Most places are fine, but there are a couple of places that makes her school day difficult.

The band room, apparently, is upstairs. No ramp. She had to crawl up the stairs to get to band and scoot back down on her bottom, gingerly using her feet to steady herself on the way down. The band teacher stayed with her the whole time to make sure she was safe, but it’s still a pain for her.

The other problem is the restroom. She can’t use the normal girls room. The only bathroom that’s usable for her is the one in the nurses office. It would be fine if it wasn’t filled with junk! Well, I’m sure it’s all useful equipment, but the only handicap accessible bathroom is not the place for it.

I mentioned this problem to the vice principal on Monday. She said she would take care of it. It wasn’t taken care of.

When I took Mary her lunch yesterday the scale was still in front of the toilet, the chair was still next to the door way and the bathroom was still filthy.

I asked the nurse if anyone had spoken to her about this and she said they had not.

Okay, I will.

I said, “This bathroom needs to be cleared out so if Mary needs to get in here by herself she won’t trip and fall and get hurt worse than she is now. On top of that, it’s filthy. It needs to be cleaned. The bars near the toilet are so dirty, there is no way she’s going to use it. You also need to make sure there is toilet paper in the bathroom AT ALL TIMES”

It didn’t appear she was paying too much attention to what I was telling her. She was standing in the doorway while I was helping Mary get out of her wheel chair.

She said, “Well, you don’t have to come everyday to help her. I’d be happy to help Mary in the bathroom.”

I told her that I would be coming every day at lunch.

Mary is now standing, waiting for me to help her with her clothes. The nurse is still standing by the door and she says, “Mary, you don’t mind me staying in here with you, do you?”

I said, “Of course she minds! You need to leave the room.”

She just stood there while I pulled the wheel chair out of the bathroom. You can’t close the door if you leave the chair in there. I said again, ” You need to leave the room”

I was so angry.

This morning when I dropped Mary off at school I happened to see the principal. I had left a note for her to call me, but she hadn’t yet. When she said hello to me, I seized the opportunity and explained to her what had happened. I admitted that I may have been a bit harsh to the nurse (even though I resisted wringing her stupid little neck) but it was something that had to be taken care of. I even told her I would be happy to come in and clean the bathroom myself. She told me she’d have it taken care of immediately.

We’ll see.



  1. Gross! I feel so bad for Mary. The way she’s handling this is quite remarkable. It sounds as if the school has some serious accessibility issues. Too bad.

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