Posted by: Deanna | September 12, 2008

Running down…

Yesterday, Mary barely made it through her school day. She hadn’t slept well the night before and was tired in the morning. But in my best drill sergeant manner, I told her to get ready for school and try to fight through it.

When I saw her at lunch she looked beat. She told me she almost fell asleep in class, but her stomach ache helped keep her awake. She went back to class, her teacher pushed her down the hall behind the rest of the class.

I got a call about ten to three. It was Mary wanting to come home. The class was going out to recess and she didn’t want to. No sense in it anyway. I found her in her math class waiting for me. She was ready to go.

The poor thing came home and just lay on her bed. She never went to sleep, but that’s never done voluntarily anyway.

This morning she had a temperature. She stayed home. It’s so hard to keep her home. She’s missing more everyday. But she’s so exhausted from the surgery on her feet and her recovery. I’m sure she’ll do fine in school once she’s back on her feet.

And the bathroom in the nurse’s office got cleaned.


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