Posted by: Deanna | September 13, 2008

Saturday already!

It’s hard to believe that it is Saturday already. The week seemed to fly by, but at the same time seemed to take forever! How can that be?

I forgot to mention that I have changed my photo and scrapbook page here on the blog. I found a really cool way to display my shutterbug stuff. Take a look at the Mom’s Camera tab up there! Click on the link I have on that page and it will take you to the Shutterfly site. It’s cool! It’s free! And you can order prints right from there, friends and family, if there are any you just have to have!

There isn’t too many there yet, but my new pix will certainly be added there in the future!

Mary made it through school yesterday despite feeling horrible. She has the dreaded sinus thing going on or she’s caught a cold from her lovely classmates. Fun. She was ready to pack it in at lunch time, but I told her,

“Well, if you can’t make it through the last two and half hours of school, I don’t think you’ll be up to shopping tomorrow.”

She made it through the day.

When Bill got home we headed for our Friday night dinner out. We went to Fuddruckers. We used to go to this hamburger joint in Sacramento, along with Flakey Jakes, and were struck nostalgic when we spotted it here in Savannah! Dinner was good, a bit pricey, but good and to top it off, Mary got to sit at a table surrounded by pictures of Elvis! Dozens of Elvis photos for her to look at while she dined. Who could ask for more?

Afterward we headed to Sam’s Club for a couple of things. I wasn’t going near WalMart on a Friday night and was a bit worried Sam’s would be packed. Apparently, though, everyone was off at WalMart or a gas station filling up their tanks, because Sam’s was pretty empty.

A headache had been brewing in my noggin for most of the day, and by the time we got home it was into the full-fledged blinding mode. I retired to the couch with ice on my head, hoping to numb the darn thing. Didn’t work. It’s still there a bit, nagging me, reminding me that it could rear it’s ugly head at any moment. I hope it hibernates until after our shopping day today. Mary is so excited about going to the mall. To spend her money. And when it’s gone, look for ways to get more.



  1. Hi Deanna, I hope you have gotten some pain relief from your headache… It seems when school starts every year, the kids catch all of the bugs going around.My grandson in Atlanta got the bug of a sore throat and coughing.. now my daughter has it from him..I hope it will not spread to my younger grands who live across town and were exposed to her last week-end..

    I hope Mary gets well and can walk soon on her foot.. it must be very hard for her with school starting and getting around … my prayers and hugs go out to her… I was at Kroger’s today in your neighborhood and thought of you and Mary.. I know you must live close by…We will have to meet each other soon…

    Well, I am going to try and finish changing my blog background… I can’t get my header in the center of the page.I need to work on it some and decide what looks good.

    Have a good day tomorrow with your family.
    Hugs, Baba

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