Posted by: Deanna | September 14, 2008

Bears and Clarinets!

Mary waited anxiously all morning yesterday for her dad to get home from work. We had made plans to go out to the south side of Savannah to shop! She kept herself busy with Barbie dolls for most of the morning, then crawled upstairs to ‘visit’ her bedroom and all her treasures up there. Her bed is still in the living room.

Dad popped through the sliding glass door around one-thirty, ready to go shopping with us.

We hit the music store first. Mary is now officially in band at school! She’s been looking forward to this all summer, ever since the band teacher visited her class and talked about the next year.

The music store was very organized! We were herded shown to a room in the back of the store where they had tables set up with all the information we would need, instruments lines tables along the walls for everyone to see what was what. We met a mom of a girl in Mary’s class, also there to get a clarinet and all the necessary accouterments. She was very pleasant, unlike another mom who sat down, complaints already spewing from her mouth, like all this was a big surprise. ‘Why, no, ma’am! We’re just going to hand you a couple thousand dollars worth of woodwind and off you go! Don’t worry about paying for any of it!’ Yeah right.

The whole process was pretty painless. We were out of there before long and on our way to the mall.

We had some lunch first, then it was off to Build-a-Bear! A new bear came out on Friday. You guessed it. Hannah Montana. Aunt Christy in Indiana was right on the ball and had called earlier in the week letting me know that she wanted to get it for Mary. She sent a gift card via email that worked out perfect! Got it instantly. No fuss. No muss.

She had such a fun time picking out new outfits and accessories! She looked at everything. Everything pink. Everything. In the end, though, Hannah Montana outfits won out over the pink! She’s so funny. She’s obsessed. She’s eleven.

Home for the evening, she got to talk to her BFF Chrissy in Florida, her Aunt Christy in Indiana and Grandma  in Sacramento, all while soaking her feet as the doctor wants her to.

She had a good day.

Visit Mom’s Camera to see all the pictures of the day!



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  2. Everything PINK ! I love it.

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