Posted by: Deanna | September 15, 2008

Moving Forward

After all the worrying and second guessing, I am so pleased with Mary’s recovery. This weekend it seemed she got better in leaps and bounds, despite the sinus/cold trouble she’s dealing with right now.

I told her that she needed to get up on her feet. Two weeks of crawling around the house was neccessary, but now she can put weight on her feet. Her right foot, by far the worst of the two, is healing nicely and the wounds have good scabs on them. There hasn’t been any bleeding at all for quite some time. She whined and wheedled a bit, but that ended as soon as I said, “Do we have to take you to the doctor and have HIM tell you to get up on your feet?” That met with a mumbled, ‘No’ and a hanging head.

You have to be tough sometimes.

I know she was still a bit afraid, but by the end of the day she was standing upright and getting around great. Still crawling up the stairs, but that’s just fine. Need to be careful on those!

I also broke the news that her bed would be moved back upstairs to her room. Again, she wasn’t thrilled, but by bedtime she was glad to be back in her room. At least, that’s what she told her sister on the phone. I heard her upstairs long after she should have been asleep, still blowing her nose and trying to get comfortable, I suppose, but she was asleep when I checked on her around midnight.

So, the beginning of another week. Hopefully, the school week will go well. I know Mary is feeling better about her feet now.

She really wants to wear both of her new shoes to school!

Now, on to worrying about Dayna. She’s having her foot surgery today. She’ll be on her way to the hospital about the time I’m dropping Mary off to school.



  1. Wow… talk about staying on your toes, Mom! I’m glad that Mary’s making good progress… but now Dayna? Whew! What a month!

  2. I must get myself over here and find out the stories behind this post…
    Thanks for stopping by The Asylum. I’ve not been a good blogbod lately by visiting everyone. Just a wee bit busy at this place.

  3. Hi Deanna, I am thrilled that Mary can put pressure on her foot..what a blessing …soon, she will be running around as good as new.. hugs, Baba

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