Posted by: Deanna | September 22, 2008

Progressing Nicely

Dayna’s napping. We just got back to the house after running, well, driving and hobbling, around town for a while. She was ready to be out of the house for a bit, so we headed up to the mall where Ryan was working to visit him on his lunch hour. We stopped in at Dayna’s store so she could visit there a few minutes and let them know that she was still alive. We had stopped by Guest Services at the mall and got a wheelchair to make it easier for Dayna to get around.

There’s something seriously wrong with the wheelchairs that public places have for people to use.

This one had a wheel that was just uncooperative at any random moment. I thought Dayna was going to be dumped out on her head a couple of times when the thing decided to just quit working right. We managed, though, without any dumping, or running into any one who was just too obnoxious to pay attention. Although, it was tempting. There were a couple of people that I would have gladly left wheelchair skid marks on their forehead, but Dayna would have been horribly embarrassed.

Our lack of making wise decisions was evident when we chose to run by WalMart to pick up a few things. It wasn’t real bad, but just the fact that we were constantly waiting for someone to see us and let us by was a bit annoying.

We didn’t run anyone over there, either.

Dayna’s follow up appointment this last Thursday went well. The doctor was pleased with her progress considering how bad she was Monday after the surgery. He saw her Tuesday and changed her pain meds and that helped tremendously! Every day has been better.

This coming Thursday we go for her to get the stitches out. He said that that would be uncomfortable and suggested taking her pain meds at least an hour before her appointment.

I had her start putting some weight on her foot today. She needs to be able to show the doc some progress when she gets there. He wants her to start moving her toes everyday, also. That, she doesn’t want to do. It hurts. Poor kid.

She’s aching everywhere from all the time on the crutches. Going up and down the stairs to her apartment is a treat. She goes down scooting stair by stair on her butt, but coming up she uses one crutch, grabs the handrail along the stairs and hops, one by one, all the way to the top. She’s really glad they chose a second floor instead of a third floor apartment just about now.

Mary is ready for me to come home, of course.

A bit ago, our conversation went like this.

Mom: Are you all ready for bed?

Mary: Yeah. My head hurts. I’m achy all over. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow

Mom: I know. You’ll be fine. You have band tomorrow!

Mary: I know.

Mom: Did you get the box of Halloween stuff out?

Mary: Yeah. But dad wouldn’t let me set anything up! He put it all back in the box and set it by the tv! I said, “I hope Mom is home by Halloween!” and he said, “She better be!”

Well. Okay.

There was a lot more complaining and moaning about this and that, but I cut the conversation short and told her good night. I told her that I’d probably be heading home a week from Tuesday. That will give Dayna enough time to be able to get around the apartment without help. I don’t know about going up and down the stairs, but she’ll be able to do things inside just fine. She won’t be driving for a while.

Ryan will be home in a while and we’ll have another movie-thon! We picked up Benny and Joon and Airplane at Blockbuster. Should be fun!

I still don’t have any pictures for you! Still working on it.



  1. Good evening Deanna, wow… you have had your hands full and busy being the nurse for Mary and now Dayna.. Both daughters having foot surgery at the same time is something best wishes for a speedy recovery to both of them.
    Take care …. hugs, Baba

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