Posted by: Deanna | September 26, 2008

Friday in LA

Well, close enough. Dayna actually lives north of LA, but it’s all about the same right?

Today has been a bit lazy. Dayna’s organizing her household paperwork and I’ve been wandering around blogs and internet stuff.

Yesterday we headed to the doctor again to get the stitch out of Dayna’s foot. She was not looking forward to that. She’s never had anything like this, and other than the stitches she had in her mouth with the pulling of the wisdom teeth, she’s never had stitches. She was anxious about the whole thing and that just made it worse.

The doctor popped in, looked at her foot, liked what he saw and said,

“Are you ready?”

Dayna sat up and said, “NO!” She was definitely not ready. But with a quick pull, the stitch was out and he said, “It’s done!”

In disbelief, she said, “Really?”

She took one look at the incision there on her foot and got queasy. Just like her mom. Can’t stand that stuff.

The doc then said, “Okay, no more crutches. Start walking on it!”

That did not go over very well, either. She was not ready to hear that. She’s been doing well, though, and is hobbling around without the crutches right now. It’s slow, but she’s getting more confident.

We’re headed to the mall today to pick up her paycheck and visit Ryan while he’s at work. He has the weekend off and we’re off to my brother’s house tomorrow for a visit. That will be good for all of us. I haven’t seen Phil in 3 years.

Checking flights tonight with hopes of jettin’ back to Georgia on Tuesday!

Happy Birthday, Sherri!!! Hope you have a fun one!


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