Posted by: Deanna | October 2, 2008

Home Again

Landed at the Savannah airport Tuesday night. No problems with the flights if you don’t count the two guys drinking and carrying on next to me on the flight from Chicago to Savannah. They were harmless. Just loud. I love my iPod.

I spent two weeks with Dayna in California after her foot surgery on the 15th.

The evening of the 15th, Bill, Mary and I were driving down a dark road heading to Statesboro, looking for a restaurant to go eat dinner. It had been a stressful day. Ryan had called me when they got home from Dayna’s surgery. He let me know that Dayna went through the surgery okay and they made it home. He was distracted several times talking to Dayna, trying to get her settled, but she was really out of it and it was hard to communicate. I asked him if Grandma was still there. He said ‘No.’

When Dayna told me about the surgery she was to have, I was comforted to know that my mother-in-law was going to be there to help the kids out. For whatever reason, she didn’t stay at the hospital until Dayna was out of recovery and she didn’t go back to the apartment with them.

Can’t say any more about that or the subsequent phone calls that transpired between MIL and I. The censors will have a field day with that if I did.

Bill answered my phone as we drove through the darkness to hear Dayna crying and telling him that Ryan had to unwrap and rewrap her foot. He handed me the phone. She wanted to talk to Mom. She wanted me on the phone with her while he did this. She was scared, in pain and miserable. Apparently, the pain meds they gave her did nothing. Her foot was swollen. Ryan called the doctor and he wanted the foot rewrapped.

What a horrible thing to listen to. She’s three thousand miles away, crying like I haven’t heard since she was very small suffering from horrible ear infections. It tore my heart out.

Before the surgery I had thought of going out to California to be with Dayna for this. She’s never had any kind of surgery, other than her wisdom teeth being removed. The ‘mom’ in me fought with the decision to stay home for a week or so. I kept telling myself that there was enough family out there near her to give her a hand when she needed it.

Then I heard the MIL wasn’t there.

Then I heard her cries over the phone.

I was on a plane the next day.

After I hung up the phone with her that night, I told Bill to call his brother and see if he and his wife would go out to the kids house to check on them. Dayna and Ryan are very independant, but for this I thought they might both feel better if someone was there. Just a presence, if nothing else.

Dayna doesn’t remember them being there. She did, it was reported, respond not so gracefully to the remark Uncle Brian made about Dayna’s fat cat.

By the time I got to the apartment Tuesday evening, Dayna was much better. They had made it through the night, keeping in contact with her doctor every couple of hours. In the morning Ryan took her to see him and she got different pain meds. The doctor told her that his patients usually don’t have so much pain and swelling after this surgery and Dayna responded,

“What did you do to me?”

When I came in she was awake and not in so much pain.

I think we were both better just being together.


More of the story later…

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