Posted by: Deanna | October 6, 2008

21?? No way! ***Updated***

Well, yes. She’s 21 today.

How could she go from this

(Hi Grandma!)

to this

so FAST???

My baby is 21 today. I’m so proud of her! Smart, beautiful and made her way through the ranks of ‘loser boyfriends’ and found a wonderful guy to be with! They’re quite a couple. Couple of what ~ we won’t go there.

Today, they’re going to a taping of the Jay Leno Show and dinner afterward at Olive Garden.

Have a wonderful time, Dayna and Ryan!!!! I’ll be watching tonight, so wave BIG so we can see you in the audience!

*** Well, Dayna ended up with a the mother of all sinus headaches and they didn’t go to Leno. But, she slept for about 24 hours, something she hasn’t done since summer days during high school!****



  1. Happy 21st Dayna!!!!

    Still Adorable!

    Much Love,

    Aunt Sherri

    PS we plan to be watching too!

  2. Wishing a belated “happy 21st birthday” to Dayna..I am sorry she had a headache and missed the show.The years sure do go pass by too fast..Your girls must be feeling better from their foot later, hugs.. Baba

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