Posted by: Deanna | October 11, 2008

The Five Tag

Making my way around my favorite blogs I found that Linda had tagged me! Thanks! I needed something to do before I went to stare at the tv for a while!!

5 years ago …
1. Just moved to North Florida 2.  I learned what ‘humidity’ really was 3. I saw a palmetto bug for the first time! Ick! 4. I was secretly surprised I lived past the age my mother had.   5.  Met someone who would end up being a dear friend.

5 things on today’s “to do” list1.  Take Boris to the vet.  2.  Grocery shop  3.  Reschedule Mary’s doc appointment 4. pay bills.  5. Get a good nights sleep.

5 snacks I enjoy …. 1.Snickers  2.  Grapes  3.  Trail Mix 4.  popcorn 5.  whatever’s in the pantry!

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. Pay all my bills. 2.  Buy a house in Lake Tahoe, Nevada side. 3.  Give Dayna money for a car and a decent place to live 4.  Travel    5. invest a bit and donate a bit.

5 places I have lived … (only five?) 1. Southern California  2.  Northern California 3. Indiana  4. Florida  5. Georgia. If you want it broken down into towns and homes, it will take a bit more than 5. (Shut up Sherri…lol)

5 jobs I have had1.  Church Secretary.  2.  Stroud’s Linen Warehouse  3.  Oki Nursery 4.  EF Hutton 5.  Eve Insurance ~Pleas note that all except #1 are no longer in business. Can’t get a reference to save my life!


So, who can I get to do this??? I don’t know! I’ll just grab 5 from my favorite Bloggers!

How about

1. Flip Flop Floozie

2. Baba

3. Posting from Paradise

4. Cheaper Than Therapy

5. Gremlin Wrangler

And if you haven’t been by their blogs, check them out!


  1. Where in southern California did you live? Love the idea of having to place everything in groups of 5. I shall check out the 5 blogs.

  2. Hi Deanna, I just got home from my trip to the mountains and could not get on line with my laptop computer..I will do this tagged post later.. hugs, Baba

    It sounds like we had much needed rain while I was away..

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