Posted by: Deanna | October 12, 2008

Rain can be evil…

Yesterday our big plan was to go to the Pirate Festival on Tybee Island.

Bill got a chance for OT, so that scrubbed the plan of going to Tybee early in the day.

Besides, it was raining.

Oh well.

Mary and I had a lazy morning. She played on the computer and I actually did some scrapbooking. Not a lot, but a start, enough to make me want to do more.

Around noon we decided to go out for a while.

I’ve been wanting to get a bed for the extra room, so we headed out to price mattresses. One store, then another, too expensive right now, but, hey, it was something to do.

We headed to South Savannah and went into Big Lots. We go there occassionally to see what absolutely useless items they have that we just have to buy. Sometimes it’s interesting. Sometimes not. We did find some scrapbooking stickers and a couple odds and ends we figured we could use, made our way through the check out and then out the door. As soon as we stepped off the sidewalk…


Not a sprinkle. Not a drop. No warning. Just a huge amount of rain coming down! We got soaked! Of course, I was parked toward the back of the parking lot not wanting to deal with finding a spot up front.

And the umbrella was in the car.

I knew Mary was hungry and I’d told her we’d go to the dreaded McDonald’s right there in the same parking lot. We found a spot right up by the door, opened the umbrellas and got out of the car. The rain stopped. Didn’t need them.

After managing to get our meals from the kid who was bravely practicing English as a second language, we sat and acted silly for a while before heading over to Target. Well, I was acting silly. Mary is in total pre-teen mode where anything is an embarrassment and I SO love to take advantage of that!

Walking into Target with our umbrellas, me using mine as a smart walking stick since there wasn’t a drop of rain falling from the sky, Mary tucking her little mini one in her pants pocket, we grabbed a cart and off we went to see all the things Target had to offer this fine Saturday. This is a great store to browse in, so many things that scream, “Buy Me!”, but usually aren’t too successful with us. Watching those pennies, ya know.

We went up and down the aisles, spending a bit of time in the Halloween and Christmas section, keeping an eye on the clock so we could go pick Bill up from work. We made it out of the store without breaking the bank (anymore than they already are) and, once again, not a drop from the sky. The umbrellas stayed nicely strapped up.

Off to get Bill. Quick stop at Sam’s Club for a few things. Browsing done, bread and peanut butter in hand, make our way out to the the check out, head for the door where the guard is on duty to highlight your receipt making sure you didn’t accidentally stick an HD flat screen tv in your cart without paying for it, and what do we see?

Rain coming down in buckets!

Yup. Umbrellas in the car.

I got soaked getting the car and bringing it back to the door to pick up Bill and Mary.

Our plans for going to Tybee in the evening are now drowned. I don’t think we would’ve had too much fun getting there only to find out it was raining. So, a bit disgruntled, I decided that since it was raining so hard and I didn’t want to go out again once we got home, we stop and have an early dinner. We love Cheddars. Great food, not expensive at all. Always busy. But not too terribly busy this afternoon.

As Bill and Mary make their way to the door, dodging the rain, kind of, my cell phone rings.

Hi Dayna! I’ll call you back in a minute. We’re making a mad dash to the door of the restaurant.

We got seated right away and I went to call Dayna back. No reception. I head to the front of the restaurant to make the call. The music is blaring there in the lobby area, but there’s a guy on his phone standing outside. The rain has stopped!

I step outside as Dayna answers the phone. It starts to rain. Again.

Okay, Dayna, I’ll call you when I get home!

I go back into the restaurant, make my way to the table, sit down, gaze out the window. Not raining. Is it just not raining on this side of the restaurant? For heaven’s sake!

Rain can be evil.

It rained off and on all night and it’s raining now. Bill’s off to work again. I planned on sleeping in, but no, the cats had different ideas. It is a perfect scrapbooking day, though. I’m off to play!



  1. That is exactly how GA rainstorms are. No one believes it until they experience it themselves. It is something else. And to drive it in on I-16? Scary.

    I am sorry you didn’t make it to the pirate festival. That sounds like it would have been a ton of fun!

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