Posted by: Deanna | October 24, 2008

Raining! Again!

But I don’t care!

This morning is ‘Donuts with Dad’ at Mary’s school. Bill took the day off just so he could go with her this morning!

He also got her up, got her breakfast, ironed her school uniform and played the ‘time keeper’ to get her moving. That’s usually my job.

“Watch your time, Mary.” ” Are you finished eating?” “Are you eating?”

Of course, when he gets home, I’ll be giving up the spot in front of the computer so he can ‘click, click, click’ away at his mindless games he likes to play on the computer. Looks like a scrapbooking day!

This evening I have an appointment with a Mary Kay rep for a facial and make-up thing. I’m sure they have another name for it and I’m sure she told me, but I don’t remember. As a matter of fact, this is the THIRD appointment this very patient lady has set up for me.

The first Friday Mary wasn’t feeling well and I was not sure if she had strep. I didn’t want to carry that to her gathering if she did.

The second Friday I was trying to get my back to feel better so I could go to the company picnic. Totally forgot about the appointment until into the wee hours of the next morning. You know, that middle of the night realization that you forgot something and it decides to pop out of your brain at 3 a.m.?? Yeah.

She called me on Tuesday and I apologized profusely and begged her forgiveness. (Not really, well, I did apologize, but she didn’t require groveling.) She graciously set up another appointment for me.

For tonight.

I wrote it in big RED letters on the white board here by the computer. Obviously, the post-it stapled to the forehead was not effective.


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