Posted by: Deanna | October 25, 2008

Donuts with Dad

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that Bill took the day off to go to Mary’s school to have ‘Donuts with Dad’. She was so excited that he was going to be able to go! She looked forward to it all week!

As with most things, the expectation is always more exciting than the actual event.

Apparently, when they arrived in the gym, the tables were all set up already. Juice poured, donuts out at each place.

Mary didn’t like that.

She likes to choose her own.

She doesn’t like people touching her food.

She’s my blossoming ‘germiphobe’!

Enter Miss Moody.

Miss Moody didn’t feel good now.

Miss Moody wanted to go home.

Miss Moody did everything she could to melt Dad’s heart and give in.

Miss Moody did not succeed.

When participating in ‘Donuts with Dad’ one is to bring a book to donate to the school.

Miss Moody had hers.

Poor Mary.



  1. Wow! Fun for Mary and for Dad too 🙂

    I have a germophile here too. So I know exactly what you mean.

    She looks absolutely enthralled, dear heart.

  2. […] see if it’s better than Donuts for Dad’s from a while back. You can read about that day here.  I must say, though, that Dad sees more of Miss Moody than I […]

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