Posted by: Deanna | October 26, 2008

Fair Pictures

Click on over to Mom’s Camera to see a few pix of the fair here in Savannah!

We had a great time…



I hurt my back again.

Walking toward the front of the fair, out of the midway, I moved wrong and there it went.

I’m off to heat my back!



  1. Hi Deanna, I am sorry you hurt your back…I hope it recovers soon ..the fair pictures look great , but I am pass the fair activities…I bet Mary had a good time…and is looking forward to Halloween….take care of yourself. Hugs.. Baba

  2. Love the fair pictures. The one above is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oh, man. I feel for ya. I also have a bad back and yes just turning the wrong way will do it for a day or two…GRRR

  4. Hey….thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes… poor cat…he wants to get out and kill those birds but he doesn’t know why he feels like that. Your fair picture takes me back to small town Moses Lake, Washington. They tried to be bigtown when the fair came by. But it was lots of fun…then.
    Stop by again anytime. I love meeting new friends.

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