Posted by: Deanna | November 23, 2008

Holiday Shopping

I know what they’re saying about the economy. I know a bunch of guys in suits who control how we all ‘think’ things are going out there say that it’s bad right now. Gas prices are actually pretty decent and ‘they’ say it’s a bad thing! Who are these guys, anyway?

All I know is that our local flea market is doing well. Mary and I swung by Keller’s yesterday to deliver a Mary Kay order and stop by a lady we met there a couple weeks ago. The parking lot was full and cars were streaming in non-stop!

My Mary Kay unit; Go-Give-Angels, is having an Open House in Pooler. We had quite a few people stop in to see what there is to see! Other consultants have made up baskets with product all wrapped and decorated for gifts ready for anyone to purchase. They’re really great!


If you’re in the Savannah area you’ve just got to stop by and see these! Send in your boyfriend or husband and we’ll help him pick out a great gift! We will custom design any basket you may want!

Okay… enough selling…lol

Mary has had a blast with Mary Kay, too. She is taking her ‘apprentice’ status very seriously! The ladies there have taken right to her, also.  Mary just glows whenever Ginny includes her in something!

Bill’s at work today and Mary and I are staying home. Plenty to do around here, though.

I’ve negleted the blog a bit lately. My brain hasn’t been working well enough to string too many words together. Hopefully, this will get better!



  1. Sounds like you are staying busy and enjoying life…good for you and Happy TG!

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