Posted by: Deanna | November 28, 2008

Black Friday

This has always been an event that I did not feel the desire to participate in, but since Bill had to be at work early today I figured I would stop by WalMart and see what was on sale.

I pulled into the full parking lot and parked in the first spot I came to, not caring about the hike to the door. A family was getting into their vehicle, so I asked them,

“Full parking lot! I have one question though. How many cashiers do they have in there?”

The woman laughed and her teen-age kids just rolled their eyes. I didn’t really get an answer though. So I strolled through the parking lot and went inside.

The lines were really long. They wound through the aisles near the produce department. There were also pallets of things there in the produce dept filled with toys and clothes. People were calm, all standing in line with their carts full of tv’s, computers, printers and toys. I, however, was not looking for any high-ticket items. I headed to the back of the store to bedding.

Mary, you may know, is obbsessed with Hannah Montana. She loves the show on Disney. She loves the music. She loves the dolls. She’s been looking longingly at the Hannah bedroom set that WalMart has had for quite a while. It’s Hannah. It’s pink. Can’t go wrong there.

These items were not on sale.

I did not pick any up just to stand in one of those lines.

I headed out the door.

I was pleased, though, that Sam’s Club, across the street, was open for business already. We are out of printer ink. I stolled around the much less occupied store and picked up a couple things. The prize of the day there was the pack of Hannah dolls marked down from twenty to ten dollars. Hop into my cart Hannah! Mary will love you!

I ambled over to a check-out with no people in it, greeted by a pleasant young woman. Yeah, you read that right. No one was in that line! It was then I remembered I had forgotten to get my ink! No brain. Back I went. Found my ink and headed out again. There was only a couple people in line now. No big deal.

Now I’m home and contemplating going back to bed.

Our day yesterday was good! We had a pretty normal Thanksgiving feast for us, turkey, stuffing, cranberries, fruit salad, the usual fare, but no moving boxes! We have, in the past, moved on Thanksgiving. A tradition that I am glad to not have taken part in this year.

The turkey was done a bit early and instead of getting all the other dishes going, we let the bird wait on us as we drove downtown Savannah before it got dark to see if they’d decorated the town. There were a few shops open on River Street and a really cool ship docked nearby. There were a few people on board working at restoring it.


We walked through a couple of shops and then found Santa! I insisted Mary sit on his lap for a picture.


She was not pleased, but complied.



  1. Had a pretty calm TG ourselves. Can’t wait to see Savannah!

  2. I had a much more terrible Wal-Mart experience which included throw up, tears, and a possibly broken ankle bone. Glad you had a good TG!

  3. Wow – that looks like a huge project!

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