Posted by: Deanna | December 6, 2008

On the Run

We had a busy day today!

Bill took the day off to join in the running around today.

We dropped Mary off at school and then we were off and running. The bank, the gas station, and off to Abercorn St in South Savannah to hit Linen’s and Things. They’re going out of business and we were hoping to find they still had some Christmas trees left for 60% off. We were in luck!

When we had our yard sale in Florida prior to moving to Georgia, we decided to get rid of the tree we had. We’d had it for a while, but I thought it would be too big for the little place we were moving in to. So, it’s December now, and Mary has been getting a bit anxious as to whether or not there would be a tree in place for Christmas.

With it being payday and the rent is due, we drove over the bridge and headed to Bluffton, South Carolina where our property management company is. Sounds like a far drive, but only about 20 miles or so. Maybe 30, I don’t know. We dropped off the rent and decided to take a chance at the WalMart there, hoping it wouldn’t be wall to wall people as the store in Pooler would be on a Friday. I was pleasantly pleased. It was actually a nice visit to the Wally Mad House! We picked up a few things for Christmas and then headed home.

The time had flown by! We had to be back at the school just after two for Mary’s award ceremony. We made it home, unloaded the Explorer of bags and boxes and headed to the school.

Mary was so sure she wouldn’t be getting any awards. I got the feeling that she wasn’t too sure she really wanted us to be there, but I knew she would be glad when she saw us there in the gym. She got several awards! And made Honor Roll again. I think she was a bit disappointed when she didn’t get High Honor Roll, but she was just glowing with excitement everytime she heard her name for an award.

We had about an hour after the awards before Mary was out of school, so Bill dropped me off to get my nails done and he went and had his hair cut. We made it back to school in the nick of time!

Let me tell you something that really bothered me today.

I usually do my best to avoid public bathrooms. Today I was very unsuccessful. Without too much information, let’s just say, I didn’t have too much of a choice. I had to use public bathrooms.  Aside from the fact that they are, more often than not, disgusting, smelly and not a pleasant place to be in, I think the choice of toilet paper and toilet paper dispensers needs to be reevaluated. I understand the need to save money, but do they have to put toilet paper in there that tears when you so much as breathe on it? And since they only go into the bathroom once every six months or so to ‘tidy up’, I understand that they want to put a really huge roll of paper in there so they don’t have to replace it often. But did it ever occur to them that the paper was so thin that there is no way to pull it off the gigantic roll without it tearing every eighth of an inch, so all you get is a thumbnail size piece of paper that sticks to you finger? No! Of course not! This makes it necessary to jam your other hand into the contraption and help the huge roll make it’s way around so you can get a continuous piece of paper instead of a handful of confetti.

I won’t even go into the part about there not being anyplace to put my purse.


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