Posted by: Deanna | December 11, 2008

A Blustery Day

The wind is howling outside, it’s wet and the weatherman’s news is of more of the same today in Savannah. We were under a tornado watch all morning and it’s continuing now that it’s after noon.

I’m hoping this settles down for the evening. Mary has her first concert tonight with the band at her elementary school! I am so excited! She is excited and nervous, of course. She is performing for the students today and tonight at six all we proud parents get to go see them!

Today is a good day to stay home and get things done. The tree is half decorated, the livingroom is only half full of unwrapped gifts that need to be ready to mail tomorrow and the dishes and laundry are about half done. And I have two and a half hours before I have to go out in the fray to pick up Bill and Mary.



  1. Hey Mary, wish we could be there tonight for your performance.

    Deanna, well your half more done then us. Tree is buried in the garage. Gifts are still in the stores. Dishes are clean & in the diswasher still. Only cause the ant parade has been effect for a week.

    And the dryer you gave us back in Mmmm….1990 something finally had it’s last hooray. Wish the hooray could have waited until after Mom’s pants were dry so she could go to work. Thank the Lord for good friends like Andie.

    Who don’t mind panic phone calls when we haven’t talked since mmm….July.

    Stay safe out in the weather tonight.


  2. A tornado watch? Yikes. I’d be freaking even though I know it’s only a watch. Still the mere thought of the possibility of a tornado coming through would send me running far far away. LOL

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