Posted by: Deanna | December 14, 2008

Live is just a bowl of Cherries

Last night we headed out to a Christmas party at one of Bill’s co-worker’s house.  I’m not a big party-goer, but we really like it here in Savannah and Bill loves it at Gulfstream, so I thought I should be sociable.

We made a quick (yeah, right) stop at the store to pick up a gift to take along with us. I was too dumb to get it earlier even though it was on my list of things I HAD to do.  We were fashionably late after driving about 20 minutes and only passing the turn once. Not bad considering it is really dark and there are no street lights.

Mary was completely out of her element. She stuck close to us for most of the night. There were other kids there, mostly younger, but one girl just a bit older than Mary. We tried to get her to chat with her, but that didn’t go anywhere. The hostess was very sweet and tried to make Mary feel comfortable, but it seemed the only thing to bring a smile to Mary’s face was playing with the baby that was there. She got to hold her several times and played with her. Inbetween playing with the baby, Mary had her DS game and a book to read. She made herself comfortable in the living room and occasionally ventured into the kitchen where most of the adults were.

Bill chatted with all the guys there from Gulfstream and I wandered a bit talking to whoever would listen. We didn’t do too bad for being the hermits that we’ve become. No one looked at us like we had three eyes or anything. Well, maybe they did, but I blame the alcohol for that if it happened.

There was a lot of alcohol being consumed, but everyone was having a good time. No one got out of hand. There was no dancing topless on tables, or fights breaking out over football teams. At least not while we were there.

Every counter in the kitchen was laden with a dish of something tempting to eat, along with a table set to the side. The alcohol was set off in the back of the kitchen where there was always someone standing guard to be sure none of the children got into it.

On the counter, along with the many different plates of various cheeses and crackers, dips and sauces, was a bowl full of bright red marachino cherries.

Mary LOVES cherries.

I wondered how long it would be before she asked to have one or two. I was outside when she finally got up the nerve to ask Bill for them.

When I came in, not knowing what had transpired, Mary had a sour face and Bill was clearly amused. The party was going on full steam and I didn’t know what had happened. Bill filled me in.

“Mary ate one of the cherries.”


“They’re soaked in moon-shine!”


The host tried to tell her she didn’t want one of those when he saw her reach for the bowl, but the noise made it impossible for Mary to hear. He said she put it in her mouth and her face instantly showed distress. It looked like she thought about it a second, tried biting down on it and then, with a look of total disgust, spit it into her hand. He was calling to her to tell her where the trash can was while she was telling Bill that this cherry was rotten. Bill was trying to be helpful and offer her another one, certain, also, that she just happened to get a bad one, until the host of the party intervened and let him know that they were spiked cherries.

I wish I would have had my camera. I’m sure that this will be a story retold every year when their parties are planned! Mary was a bit mortified and didn’t appreciate the fact that the account of  her eating the cherry ran through the room like wildfire. We tried to tell her not to worry about it, but she wasn’t having any of that.

We stayed a couple of hours or so and then headed home. The drinking was getting a bit heavier and, not being drinkers, we decided we’d visited enough. We did have a good time, though.

Mary chattered all the way home, catching up on all those minutes that she was silent at the party. She had to tell me in full detail about the ‘cherry incident’ in her own words. Too funny. I’m sure she’ll be telling all her friends at school about the dumb things the grown-ups do at parties.


  1. I have never visited Savannah, but I hope to do that one day. I’ve heard it is beautiful there.

    Thank you for visiting me.

  2. I love that saying!! So true and we should all live that way…

  3. Okay, this had me laughing. Poor Mary, I know just how she feels. Only I was a bit older when I had my first rum ball. I went to my christmas party at Jack in the box a bright eyed 17 year old. Reached for the chocolate round ball expecting it to be oh so good. Thing about it was it was my very own Aunt who had made the little darlings. YUCK!

  4. Oh my, how I do miss my moon shine cherries!! Do you remember my quart jar full of them in my fridg?? Still have a few. Hmmm! Think I’ll get some more cherries at the grocery today. lol

    Tell Mary it’s an aquired taste for moon shine. One either likes it or they don’t. I love it!! lol

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