Posted by: Deanna | December 16, 2008

Trees and Christmas Cookies


The tree is finally finished! It’s been standing there, half nekked, for over a week. Mary began decorating it right away and Oreo set right to taking everything off just as soon as she left the room. It looks like it’s leaning there in the picture, but I believe it’s photographer ineptness. Looks straight to me.

Mary was excited when she got home from school! She was ready to dig through the rest of the boxes of decorations to get other things out for the house.

I had been dragging my feet with the whole decoration thing this year. I didn’t want to decorate the tree. I didn’t want to drag all the stuff out to get presents wrapped. I didn’t know why.

Finally figured it out.

Dayna won’t be here.

She’s in California. We’re in Georgia.

This is the first Christmas without her.

As I stood wrapping gifts for her at the dining room table, tears running down my face, I finally realized why I didn’t want Christmas to come.

Then yesterday, seeing Mary’s bright blue eyes shining with excitement showed me that I almost robbed her of the joy and wonder of all the holiday traditions that come around every year. I’ve worried about Dayna and her being away and, obviously, feeling sorry for myself, that I almost forgot about my sweet little Mary, anticipating Christmas morning as all little kids do.

Suck it up, mom! Get with the program!

We’re going to have a magical Christmas.




  1. Very pretty Christmas tree! I love the christmas cookie pics. Now I want some!

  2. love the picture of Mary. I think I recognize the shirt. LOL

    We have finally got our decorations up too.

    Thanks for the package we received it the other day.

    Love ya,


  3. What a beautiful tree! And, your daughter looks so happy at her school party! I had a party for my students, too! They were quite happy (maybe because it was their last day of school?) Anyway, thanks for sharing your pics with us! Happy Holidays!

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