Posted by: Deanna | December 22, 2008

Wait, Santa!

I’m not ready! I have nothing wrapped. We haven’t gotten the ‘dad’ shopping done yet. I really don’t want to go to the mall. I will avoid that. I need to go to the post office. Yikes!

Mary has been SO excited! She has been working every night on making glittery snowflakes to decorate the house. She went in search of different colors of glitter hidden here and there in the craft stuff that has never been organized, her eyes lighting up when she finds something new to use. The carpet around the dining room table is a shining gold, most of the spill picked up and vacuumed, but the sparkle remains.

Bill baked cookies all day yesterday. Yup, Bill’s the cookie man. He went off to work this morning with a big box of treats for the guys at work. I think he’s just tryin’ to sugar them up so they work faster. I don’t know.

Tonight we’re headed downtown Savannah to take in the sights; the people, the lights, the holiday feeling in the air, which will be cold, I might add. Our high today will be about 45. Not as cold as many places around the country, but considering it was almost 80 yesterday, it’s kind of a bummer. Oh well. We plan on a trip to Starbucks, that should warm us up.

I have one office I need to go to and get some orders for Mary Kay, and I’m meeting one lady for lunch to deliver her order, but I won’t be working more than that today. I have a cool opportunity coming up to share with you that could net you some CA$H! So check back to get the info!

Have a great day!


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