Posted by: Deanna | December 23, 2008


It was cold yesterday morning! Since I didn’t have to take Mary to school, when I got home from taking Bill to work I snuggled back under the covers, both cats still sleeping soundly on the bed, and went back to sleep. Mary and I had plans to go ‘Dad’ shopping, so I was certain she would be up soon, bouncing around, anxious to hit the stores to shop for dad.

I woke up at 10:30.

Mary was up, but she didn’t wake me. She let me sleep. Even though she was anxious to go shopping.

What a kid.

So, we didn’t get out of the house until after eleven. We hurried over to Pooler to stop by an office before they went to lunch. I’d been there a couple of times with my Mary Kay and I was hoping to make some extra cash for Christmas. They still had shopping to do and no extra for Mary Kay, but that’s okay. We visited a while, I gave them goodies and wished them a Merry Christmas.

We met some people at Cheddar’s for lunch. I had a lipstick for one lady and since they were up this way it was a good time to get together. We had a great time! Well, Mary was a little bored, but she found something to read in my purse and she was good.

We finally headed to the south side of Savannah to shop. I knew we would hit traffic, but it did surprise me a bit just how soon we hit it! It was okay, though. Our first stop was to Kinko’s to make some copies, then we headed across the street and wandered through Penney’s. Mary was so fun! The mall was filled with people, of course, and we always seemed to be walking the wrong way on a one way road, but we made it through unscathed.

By the time we left there, the traffic out of the mall had calmed down. I had expected to be sitting in the parking lot for quite some time from what I saw as we drove in. We headed west toward the other mall and, again, I expected it to take quite a while to get there with traffic, but, all in all, it wasn’t too bad! Mary was entertained with her DS game and we made it there in no time. Well, some time, but not nearly as much as I had expected!

We wandered through Target, we walked through the mall and had dinner before we headed home. Mary still wanted to shop, shop, shop, but I was done! She did her best to get me to stop at WalMart on the way home, but I wasn’t goin’ for it!

When we got home Bill’s hours of quiet he had been enjoying came to a crashing end! Mary bounced through the door, already chattering to him about the day we’d had.

Then the phone rang and Mary was ecstatic to see that it was Dayna on the other end. She answered it and started chattering away at lightening speed! By the time I got on the phone, Dayna was sure we’d given Mary sugar through an IV drip and insisted that we stop!

Bill drove himself to work this morning.

I’m staying home!



  1. Here’s wishing you and yours a healthy, happy, and safe hollyday season and 2009.

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