Posted by: Deanna | December 30, 2008

Need 500 Bucks?

Who doesn’t???

Call the phone number there in Blue and enter the access code to listen to the Mary Kay Opportunity.

I want to build my own team of fabulous women here at home and across the country! Mary Kay is a inspirational company! I had no idea! You NEED to listen to this call!

Just for listening and answering the questions below AND getting the complete information back to me, you WILL be entered into a cash drawing for $500!!

I am on a challenge to introduce the opportunity to 200 people!!! And I am determined! Please pass this along to everyone you know and let me know!!! I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Comment here on my blog and I will get with you.

If I had known the opportunity, all the benefits, I would have joined this company long ago. It is truly inspiring. Trust me, I would not say this if I did not believe it myself.


(641) 715-3900, Access Code:  65057#


Customer Name:

Number Used to call Info Line:    


City:                                         State:           Zip Code:

Contact Phone Number:

Best Time to Call:


Did someone other than your consultant refer you?

______________if so, who?_____________________


Are you 18 years old or older:               Yes or No

Have you ever been a consultant:           Yes or No

If yes, did you ever return product:            Yes or No


1.      What was your favorite part of the call?



2.        What is the password:


3.        On a scale of 1 to 4, how would you rate your interest in the Mary Kay Opportunity? (Circle One)


#1          I would like to stay a Spoiled Rotten Customer!


#2            I need more information!


#3          Let me sleep on it & have your director call me in the morning!


#4          I want to be a part of Mary Kay!



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