Posted by: Deanna | January 4, 2009

The End is Near

Mary is lamenting the end of her vacation from school. She doesn’t want to go back. She’s hoping the kids will have found some attention span among the gifts under their trees for Christmas. She’s longingly remembering the days of homeschooling when she could do her math in her pajamas. Poor kid.

The Polly Pocket city that has spread across the living room floor the last few days has been picked up and moved back upstairs. The clarinet was dusted off after my threats of reprisals if she didn’t practice before school started up. And she’s started wondering what will be served for lunch in the coming week in the cafeteria. Poor kid.

The New Year came as usual to our house. Bill and I made it (barely) to midnight as Mary bounced around, ping-ponging around the house to keep herself awake until the fateful strike of midnight. I made it until about twenty minutes past the hour and bid Mary goodnight, leaving her with instructions to stay away from the kitchen and make sure you turn the lights out when you go upstairs. She wanted to stay up all night. I told her, “Best of luck. Happy New Year. Good night” She told me in the morning that she went upstairs about 3:30, only to be continually awakened by her loving, but mischievous cat, Oreo, who was determined to stay up the rest of the night and remind her that she had failed miserably. Mary stumbled down the stairs around 9:30 with a sour look on her face and an equally sour temperament. Poor kid.

Dayna spent New Year’s Eve in ridiculous traffic out in L.A. as she, Christy and Charlie headed to the City Walk at Universal Studios. She called me at one point, as they sat in traffic, letting me know that if they didn’t get off the freeway soon she would be in need of new clothes. There are no bathrooms in the middle of dead-stopped traffic. Go figure. I assumed they found somewhere in time, as I have not heard of any spontaneous shopping trips from that night.

The funniest thing was listening to Christy on New Year’s Day relay the events from the night before as they were waiting to exit the parking structure at Universal. Apparently, Dayna had fallen into one of her sleeping ‘comas’ and the adventure of trying to get her buckled into a seat belt before they could finally head out was hilarious! Of course, Dayna remembers none of this, which is equally funny. They all made it home safe and sound, though.

Later today, Oreo will be a sad little black cat. The Christmas tree will be taken down today and his latest playground will be gone. He’s been having such fun taking the garland off, batting at the toys and getting yelled at when caught chewing on a branch, I know he’ll be sorry to see it go. He still has a multitude of other things to do to get himself into trouble, so don’t worry about that.

I’ve been reading a lot of Blogs with people talking about the goals and resolutions they have made for the new year. I’ve thought about  listing some of my own, but frankly, anything done this year will have to be an improvement over the last. I do have things I want to accomplish, but dare I write them down? Not yet. After all, that may get me kicked out of the Procrastinator’s Club that I’ve been a card carrying member of for so long. I hung on to my membership this year by mailing my Christmas Cards the day after Christmas with a cheery ‘Happy New Year’  scribbled across the back of each and every envelope. Oh well.

The sun will be up soon, as will Bill. I’ll be coaxing Mary out of bed early today, hoping she will get to sleep earlier tonight for school in the morning. I have ironing to do, and lunches for Mary to plan. Back to the routine tomorrow.



  1. I always kinda looked forward to going back to school after break, but then quickly looked forward to the next break. 🙂 Oreo sounds slightly mischievous! 🙂

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