Posted by: Deanna | January 16, 2009

Friday Already!

The end of the week already and it has just flown by, hasn’t it?

Yesterday I was out all day meeting people, shaking hands, handing out catalogs and the career info for Mary Kay. I got up my gumption and headed out as soon as I dropped Mary off at school.

I had a good time, but a lot of miles on the car and travelled from South Savannah all the way up to Bluffton, South Carolina. I had to go to the property management company up there, so I handed out Mary Kay stuff, too! 

The cold weather is inching it’s way south. Still not as frigid as what’s going on in ‘snow’ country, but cold, nonetheless. Except for Southern California, of course, which is having record highs. Dayna will be happy. She hates the cold! And anything in the 60’s is cold to her.

So, today I’ll be puttering around the house today. Not a whole lot going on, but I think I can handle a quiet day.




  1. Cute little cartoon!! I love those!! I am really really behind in reading everyone’s blogs..I am trying to get in a few today!! Yes, this is kind of cold for here but I am just fine with it. It is only 40 this afternoon!! WE need a little cool weather once in a while.
    Nice to hear that you are having a good day.
    Why did you go to CURVES…are you thinking about joining? Sandy

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