Posted by: Deanna | January 24, 2009

An Interesting Conversation

Friday has become the day I go to the school to spend lunch time with Mary. Sometimes we just sit inside while she eats the lunch she gets there at school, but on occasion I pick something up for us to eat and we sit out in the Explorer and enjoy the quiet. The school doesn’t allow kids to eat ‘fast food’ in the cafeteria, even if it’s brought by a parent.

I ran some errands, drove through the drive-thru at Wendy’s and headed over to the school. I had about ten minutes to wait until she was out for lunch.

One of Mary’s best friends at school is a girl in her class named Deanna. Deanna recently had foot surgery and Mary helps her out every day, carrying her book bag from class to class and carries her lunch tray to the table for her, returning the favors Deanna afforded her when Mary was recovering from her foot surgery.

I waited in the back of the cafeteria while the girls made their way to the lunch counter. After a few moments, Mary came back to me to ask if Deanna could come over this weekend.

“Sure! Does she have our phone number so her mom can call us?”

Mary didn’t know and said she’d ask later since they weren’t allowed to talk in the lunch line.

Well, I can!

I walked up to Deanna and told her she was welcome to come over and asked if she had our phone number. I told her to give us a call and we’d work something out. Before I walked away, I told her,

“Great name, by the way.”

I know Mary has told her that my name is Deanna, too.

She thanked me and then told me,

“I was named after my father originally.”

“Oh? What’s his name?” I asked her.


I thought that Erica would be a good girl’s name if they wanted her to be named after him. Then she said,

“It took them about a year to figure out I was a girl, then they changed my name to Deanna.”

I had no idea what to say to that.

“Well, give us a call tonight, okay?”



  1. Yeap that is an “interesting conversation”…did you finally find out why? Just curious!!
    Thanks for stopping by on our big anniversary..I think from here on out they are all going to be BIG!! Hope you had a fun weekend..Sandy

  2. MMM…you do know how to find the interesting stories don’t you. I would be curious to hear the parents side of that bit of info.

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